Nine Star ki Astrology - What is it?

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Nine Star Ki astrology is also known as Nineki, 9 Ki and even Tibetan Astrology. As it is based on a one month in a nine year cycle it is useful for those clients who do not know their time of birth. Nevertheless, it is a simple, easy and surprisingly accurate astrological system to understand.

nine star ki astrologyNine (9) Star Ki astrology consists of three stars from the Ursa Major constellation which were prominent at your time of birth. This energy is designated a Trigram with its related number and element. This defines your “nine Star Ki numbers” and your subsequent personality. The most important nine Star Ki number is your Natal number as this comprises 60% of your energy or personal chemistry. For success and improved quality of life this needs to be supported by your remaining ki numbers.

The second Nine (9) Star Ki number has 20% of your energy and is known as your Emotional or Childhood number. This governs your childhood to adult transition as well as your relationship with family and intimate friends. Understanding and balancing these numbers in a joint profile can greatly improve a relationship.

The final Nine (9) Star Ki number is your Tendency number and also represents 20% of your qi. This is how you are seen in society and is the principal reason for relationship problems as what you see on the outside (tendency number) may be very different from what someone is actually like within (natal number).

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