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Let the Dog see the Rabbit day

Wood Rabbit symbol

I have been waiting for ages to use this metaphor which refers to a Greyhound and an electronic Rabbit racing to victory on a race track. Chinese astrology also acknowledges this winning combination and today being a Water Dog in a Rabbit month and year makes, it a lucky day in which we can all win.

As this combination refers to partnerships the Chinese almanac recommends activities related to them such as visiting friends, travelling, getting engaged, checking compatibility or having a professional astrology reading are auspicious today. Also moving home, starting a business, trading, buying or setting direction for your bed stove, or door, shopping and hunting are also well favoured.

If Water Dog is part of your horoscope you may lead a highly pressurized though powerful life where management is desperately needed to help you “keep all of the balls in the air at the same time. Famous Water Dogs include Bill Gates, Cesar Millan (day), Jessica Biel, Kelly Clarkson, Kirsten Dunst,  Billie Piper  and LeAnn Rimes. 

Todays Dog brings assistance to Sheep, and Ox, signs, but clashes with Dragon who may struggle and need to be cautious of damaging their chest or shoulder. Metal signs of Monkey and Rooster are full of energy and can receive some good advice, whilst Pig and Rat signs can feel influential and ambitious, their women are also lucky in love. Male Tiger and Rabbit signs can similarly enjoy romance and both are lucky with money. Snake and Horse signs can generally relax and enjoy travel or creativity.

Until tomorrow, enjoy today - Day horoscope posted 1st March 2011

HtwoO_K9 needs order for time of life!

Water DogNo, we’re not dyslexic. The title is not a serial number, or a pack offer on a cereal box, neither is it a cryptic crossword clue, but it does have a hidden meaning. Firstly we upgrade HtwoO to H2O, the chemical composition for Water, and then translate K9 to Canine and get Dog, so today must be a Water Dog day.

If you were born on a Water Dog day (find out with our free Chinese horoscope) your body controls your mind and traps your emotions. As a result, self-expression and health may suffer and you need the metal element to balance. As luck would have it, the best kind of metal is present as the annual qi; the first part of Metal Rabbit. In the Chinese language this heavenly stem of Yin Metal is called Xin, which is also the word for new and why it appears in the title. Finally, after this year, the metal element will naturally finish and not return for another ten years, so you will need to incorporate this element in your life. The metal element can be defined as management and putting things in order. Adopting this discipline will allow you to be all that you can be and continue to have the time of your life.

Interestingly as Chinese astrology was founded in astronomy and magnetism, or in modern translation time and space, there is a corresponding area of your home and office that can provide this metal energy. Should managing your affairs prove too difficult, a feng shui consultation could show you the best way to put things in order and may help you have the time of life continuously.

Dog is part of the same group as this month sign of Horse, so perhaps we can all have the time of our lives today? The Chinese almanac favours partnerships or unions either with unseen forces in meditation, ancestors by asking for blessings, visiting friends, travelling, getting engaged, getting married, exchanging gifts, having an astrology reading, refurbishing home or office, opening a business, fixing a roof, buying or setting direction for your bed or oven.

A new month starts tomorrow, until then enjoy now! - Water Dog daily horoscope posted 6th July 2011

Damp Dog sounds Horn to Build bed

Water Dog daily horoscope posted 3rd October 2011

Today's Water Dog sees the start of several new cycles in Chinese astrology and metaphysics. Firstly, water itself is associated with birth; clearly the first stage in the cycle of life. Water is also associated with sound and music, which brings us nicely to the Horn, the first Lunar Mansion in a new 28 day cycle that begins today.

Horn days are good for growth, birth and marriage and not so good for concluding affairs or funerals. The Chinese almanac further suggests that it is also good for travelling, getting engaged, having an astrology reading, emigrating, buying or setting a direction for your bed, or opening a warehouse.

The final cycle of today is called Jian Chu and means to build or discard. Being a Build day, it’s good to amass and build on something already existing.

To see how your own horoscope is personally affected by today's sign see our dedicated Water Dog web page. We will return tomorrow on a Water Pig day.
Until then, enjoy NOW! - Water Dog daily horoscope posted 3rd October 2011


Dog day afternoon!

A damp start to today isn’t surprising as it is a Water Dog day and exactly matches the yang water from the month and annual signs. However, of greater significance is that the Dog will be reconciled with the Tiger month sign by the Horse hour this afternoon.  Whatever your chart (find out here with our free Chinese horoscope) this alignment can have a huge significance on you. Hopefully it will be as memorable as the classic Al Pacino film mentioned in our title today, but to make sure, you will need to see the effects of fire on your Chinese horoscope using our attribute cycle. This info can be likened to have an inside man helping you, instead of a force arrayed against you.

With the huge amount of fire and water element, the Chinese almanac or book of nature advises caution by meditation and contemplation or sweeping up and keeping still until tomorrow.

To see how today will affect your horoscope read below. We will return as usual on Tuesday and the best day during our absence will be Sunday, which also begins the Rabbit monthly sign. - Water Dog daily horoscope posted 2nd March 2011 & August 29th 2012