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Snake Heaven?

Wood Rabbit symbolBeing a Snake day in a Snake year our title is a proverb that refers to a “nice hole” and therefore indicates that today is a perfect time to find your ideal home. Having a feng shui consultation could tell you what life would be like living in that home, or indeed any potential habitat, before you actually made any commitment.  It could also tell you what recommendations were needed (if any) to make living there your ideal heaven.

It’s such a good day for moving home as the Wood aspect of this Wood Snake day forms a natural cycle of development and is said to blossom in the Snake. Consequently, those with these wood and fire elements are highly intelligent, creative and of great service to others. They are also extremely generous, even to the point of giving it all away. Ask Robert Downey Jr. Elizabeth Hurley, Martin Lawrence, Vinnie Jones, Dennis Lehane, Gong Li, Sam Mendes, Sarah Jessica Parker, Marti Pellow, J. K. Rowling, Charlie Sheen and Ben Stiller if this is so?

Those born under the influence of Wood Snake are usually totally dedicated to their appearance and the “body beautiful”.  Consequently, the feng shui almanac or Tong Shu recommends pampering, having a haircut and buying clothes, tidying up or making improvements to your home, along with adding a water feature as today’s most successful activities.

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See our dedicated Wood Snake web page for how this Chinese zodiac sign will affect you and we will return tomorrow. Until then, enjoy every moment of NOW!
Finn & Slim Shooey - Wood Snake daily feng shui horoscope posted 8th February 2013

Add legs to the Snake one has just painted?

Today's title is a Chinese proverb that means doing something totally unnecessary and spoiling what you already have done. In a way, that sums up today perfectly. It’s an “even” day and the Chinese almanac suggests only taking things easy and keeping everything as smooth as it already is.

Speaking of smooth, it’s a Wood Snake day and they don’t come much smoother than that. It isn’t just the serpent’s sleekness though, as the Wood Snake components form a natural Sheng cycle of elements.

On Sunday, our Chinese friends, readers and visitors will celebrate the Chinese New Year and we wish them all health, peace and prosperity. We have a dedicated page that shows the Chinese New Year’s traditions associated with the festivities that begin tomorrow on Chinese New Year’s Eve.

If you need to know how your own sign will fare, see our dedicated Wood Snake below and we will return traditionally 3 days after the Chinese new year, so that’s Wednesday for a change.
Until then, enjoy every moment of NOW!
Finn & Slim Shooey - Wood Snake daily feng shui horoscope posted 8th February 2013

Savvy Snake settles scores?

chinese astrology snakeIt’s a Wood Snake day and according to the Chinese almanac, a good time to settle debts. It is also good for meditation or honouring ancestors, getting engaged or married, buying or making clothes, buying or setting direction for your bed, erecting a statue and hunting. It advises against planting seeds or going on a long journey.

There’s no doubt Wood Snakes are savvy, as they have a natural flair for creativity, particularly those ideas that generate wealth or financial streams.  They are also very expressive and generous, with a fine sense of humour. This month Wood Snakes enjoy power and wealth. To see how your sign will be affected, please see our dedicated Wood Snake web page. We return tomorrow on a Fire Horse day. Until then, enjoy every moment of NOW.
Finn & Slim Shooey - Wood Snake daily feng shui horoscope posted 11th October 2012


As mad as a cut snake?

What has today's title to do with a Wood Snake I hear you ask? Well, a strong unbalanced wood influence denotes anger and may be the case at this time of year due to the seasonal water influence. As the supportive water element is at its peak, this may translate to angers peak of madness.

In any case, probably the best thing to do with a cut snake is to clear up and that’s the only thing the Chinese almanac suggests for today. That and preparation, on the subject of which, as this is our last blog of the year, the best days of next week are Sunday, Monday and luckily Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, where taking a course or other educational gifts are extremely well received.

May Slim and I wish you everything you wish yourself during the festive season and we will return in a month’s time. Please note that we are only taking a break from the blog. Our office will only be closed from December 23rd to the January 3rd, although you can send a message in any feng shui or Chinese astrology emergency. - Wood Snake daily feng shui horoscope posted 16th December 2011

Snakes in the grass on double Danger day

As today's wood element can refer to flora and fauna, it was a “no-brainer” to derive today's title for this Wood Snake day. That’s the apparent part, but what may not be so obvious is that it’s also a Danger day in both the 28 Lunar Mansions and 12 Palace cycles, hence double danger day.

This makes it a day fraught with problems and an ever present danger of accidents at work, so it is best suited for leisure. The ancient text says it is advisable to be joyful and drink wine and I’ll drink to that! The only other suggestion is of quiet meditation and thanking your ancestors for making you who you are.

It’s a much better day tomorrow; a legendary Fire Horse day.
Until then, enjoy NOW! - Wood Snake daily feng shui horoscope posted 17th October 2011

Snakes with a plane?

No, that would be woodworking snakes, whereas today is clearly a Wood Snake, that’s a whole different story altogether.  If Wood Snake is in your day horoscope and you can find out here Free Chinese horoscope you are the most creative of the five snakes in Chinese astrology.  Along with this inspiration you have an uncanny knack of making money from new ideas and then building and maintaining a reputation as a maverick. Expression comes with ease and you are comfortable with your body and may be slightly self-indulgent.  In love you are a devoted partner and can find further motivation by discussing ideas with them. They help you flourish when you follow their advice.

Famous woodworkers, Wood Snakes include; Amy Winehouse (day) Robert Downey Jr.  Elizabeth Hurley,   Martin Lawrence, Vinnie Jones, Dennis Lehane, Gong Li, Sam Mendes, Sarah Jessica Parker,  Marti Pellow  J. K. Rowling,  Charlie Sheen  and Ben Stiller  to name but a few.

Chinese philosophy and feng shui closely follows the path of nature which is broken down into 24 seasons, each consisting of 15 days.  The first period began on February 4th with “Spring begins” and today we begin the 6th called “Grain Rain”. As this follows the cycle of nature maybe this ties in with what we call April showers in the west? Either way, before global warming this would mark the start of a wet period to allow the crops to develop rapidly before entering the summer period from the 7th – 12th.

Today brings friendship to those with Snake in their horoscope. However, those with Horse may suffer setbacks and competition.  Goat folk are full of energy and the metal people of Monkey and Roosters have power and opportunities for recognition. It is a good romance day for metal women.  Rat horoscopes can collect money as can Pigs, and will benefit from the wood element of today. Wood signs of Tiger and Rabbit find inspiration today.