New Year 2022 Water Tiger

New Year 2022 Water Tiger

Chinese Astrology Predictions 2022 – Blue Tiger and new beginnings 

People all over the world will celebrate the New Chinese Year of the Water Tiger as from 1st February 2022. In terms of Chinese astrology and Feng Shui, it means the end of the previous Metal Ox year, with all its restrictions, conflicts and worldwide demonstrations, and the continuation of what should be peace, with rapid growth and new beginnings. 

The New Year is a great time to look ahead and plan for upcoming twelve months. As from 20:51 GMT/UTC on 3rd February 2022, the sun will start a new solar cycle and the year of the Water Tiger will truly start. This is a little-known secret, as the New Year celebrations are based on the lunar cycle which this year occurs two days before, on 1st February. However, the solar cycle is the one that affects the intrinsic energy of not only our homes and offices, but us too.

Test drive the new year of the Blue Tiger

As luck would have it, the first month has exactly the same energy as that of whole year, so affords an opportunity to see exactly how you will feel and be affected in 2022. This specific phenomenon hasn’t happened for 60 years and is therefore considered as auspicious. It is referred to as “blue”, as this is one of the colours associated with the Water element and is much more positive than black which is also representative. 

The Water influence of this year represents many things of many levels; it is outgoing, flowing, reflective and free, so restrictions should be minimised. Interestingly, the water element in Chinese medicine represents a fine balance between fear and courage, so if you are feeling down, seek out a water environment or include water within your home. However, be careful where you put water as it will always create a reaction. Professional Feng Shui advice on placement ensures that the result will always be positive.

Water represents expression, whilst the Tiger, which is Wood, represents thoughts, and in this order, signifies saying something, but upon reflection, perhaps regretting it. Consequently, this year can be a period of boycotts and blockades, and as water hates control, could lead to eventual independence. Luckily, the Wood element also signifies strategy, so planning for any eventuality could be invaluable, especially when travelling. These elements signify education and learning experiences, which will be at the forefront of society this year. Wisdom is highly sought especially in communications, whilst crossing new frontiers will also be prevalent.

We can expect major refinements and clarification in law and policies, and the justice system will be prominent around the world. The military may also come to the fore, Fire services will gain more power and resources, whilst lifeguards may have a busy time. Medical developments in hearing, legs, feet, and gender will also be prominent. Speech, language, and communications will also improve.

Weather wise suggests the temperatures should be cooler, but owing to the global average temperature increasing, this will probably lead to heavier rainfall and flooding; certainly in the first half of the year. Wind will dominate the second half of the year.

This year’s elements denote exploration. Instead of last year’s inner development, this year we get a chance to express everything we have learned and perhaps create a new level of understanding.

Chinese Astrology Personal Predictions
Listed below is a complete list of how your Chinese Zodiac signs may be affected, but as Chinese astrology is extremely complex – with almost 13 million different charts, can only be general. As an example, unlike what is written in most books, you actually have up to 4 different animal signs, not just the one for your year of birth. We also have Chinese animal zodiac signs for the day, month, and time of birth. This form of Chinese astrology is incredibly accurate with almost 13 million variations and it is impossible to give specific advice without seeing your whole chart. Nevertheless, right from the start, you get to try the year out, so if anything untoward should happen, it can be fixed with Chinese astrology for yourself, and Feng Shui for your home and business. For a more detailed, personalised prediction, book an online Four Pillars of Destiny Astrological Reading: Book a Chinese Astrology Reading

Do you have a Water Tiger in your Chinese horoscope?
If you have a Water Tiger in your Chinese horoscope, particularly as your day of birth, it denotes expression, generosity, and creativity. You should be vibrant and successful in your private life and in relationships this year. If not, Feng Shui will help incorporate this influence into your life. If you were born in a year ending in 2, such as 1992, you will have Yang Water in your chart, and if born from 4th February to 5th March you will have a Tiger. Based on these Chinese Animal zodiac signs, let us see the natural trends and tendencies for 2022.

Being a Tiger year, being born under the Water Tiger influence means that you may be occupied by your home and local environment this year. It will also be a very prosperous year, and you could travel or move home at some point. 2022 could also be a highly creative period, particularly if you sell things that you make yourself.  Otherwise, you can just relax and leave things to chance, providing that you respond when opportunities arise.  Famous celebrities born with this influence include Lord Alan Sugar who is a Water Tiger on his day, Axl Rose, Charles Dickens, Ellen Page, Jodi Foster, Demi Moore, and Jon Bon Jovi.

These signs should have a lot of creative expression and new ideas this year, which is useful as there may be unexpected bumps in the road ahead. However, as the Rat is also a water element sign, you can adapt to any situation that you come across. Moreover, you have a sense of freedom and positivity that will lift you out of any gloom and point the way forward.

Tiger and Rabbit
Wherever the Tiger is in your chart, this aspect of your life will become the most prominent. You will certainly stand out in either society, business, family, private life or amongst friends and siblings. Rabbit signs get an opportunity to return to these life aspects and correct their relationship and reputation should they choose. Both signs have an almost unstoppable drive and need to achieve their ambitions this year. Rabbits get the best advice overall, whilst Tigers get spoilt and should follow their deep instincts when embarking on a new project. Both might move home or find new friendships, especially when they travel, and be generally quite creative mid-year.

Dragon, Sheep and Ox Signs
Excellent wealth potential and relationship / marriage opportunities may find you this year and it is a good year to take charge and manage your life. After a year of torments and niggles, Sheep signs should find peace at last and will enjoy getting their own way, instead of having to wait for others to catch up. Should Dragon signs have a turbulent time, especially regarding their personal life or career, they can make use of a special “window of success and opportunities” that occurs daily from 3am to 5am GMT and running until 2023. Start or complete projects at this time and you should be unstoppable! If you are in the northern hemisphere and this is the middle of the night for you, just time articles to “drop” at this time.

Horse and Dog signs
Forming part of the same group as the Tiger, these signs are particularly favoured and can be considered as the “action” set, meaning they have plenty of opportunities to achieve this year. They even have special “windows of success and opportunities”. For dogs, it is daily from 11am to 1pm GMT and for Horses, it is from 7pm to 9pm. Both run until 2023 and all you have to do is start or complete projects at this time and you should be unstoppable! Dogs will gain recognition and may become very powerful this year, whilst female Dogs have an opportunity to marry.

Snake, Rooster and Ox Signs
Snake, Rooster and Ox signs were prominent last year and have the opportunity for peace this year, although Snake and Ox signs will still be prominent. Snakes have a lot of drive and excellent support in whatever they do, whilst Oxen enjoy closer relationships and get a step closer to realising their ambitions. Roosters should make money from investments and manage their lives better to what may become a different lifestyle.     

Although directly clashed this year, Monkeys enjoy the greatest opportunity for change and transformation.  For them, it is a case of either “going big” and upscaling their enterprises or endeavours, or “going home” and starting something new.  They can certainly enjoy peace and freedom of choice and if unhappy with any aspect of life, can change it. They can make a lot of money especially from investing and their time will probably be spent constructively, especially when doing something they find fulfilling.  They should be careful health wise as their gall bladder, hair, hands, legs, liver, feet, large intestine, nerves, and lungs may be vulnerable at this time.

This sign should be busy this year and may find it challenging balancing their time and achieving their full schedule. Being favoured by the Tiger, it should be a very lucrative year, even abundant and prosperous. This makes them much more adventurous, and they should not be surprised by what they find in their explorations. It is an especially good time for investing, developing and being active and spontaneous.

Alan Stirling
Feng Shui Master – Written 25th January 2022

For a more detailed, personalised prediction, book an online Four Pillars of Destiny Astrological Reading: Book a Chinese Astrology Reading

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