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Feng shui creates the perfect atmosphere and empowers people to be successful in achieving their goals which significantly increase their happiness and quality of life. These principles have been tried and tested in China for thousands of years to get results like this:

"The feng shui consultation results have been spectacular! The house feels much happier, my husband is looking more relaxed, is actually talking about taking a holiday and I'm feeling better than I have in years." Barbera - Switzerland.

Traditional Chinese Feng Shui consultation

Traditional Chinese Feng Shui relates to the natural flow of energy (qi) in an environment. The energy flowing throughout our homes and businesses is in a constant state of flux, rising and falling or peaking and decaying and produces both high and low energy.

It is a natural phenomenon that high energy must flow to lower energy and the qi of an environment is much stronger than our own energy levels. Consequently, during a consultation these high energy spots are found and positioning people or functions in these areas increases their power and efficiency in business, and wellbeing in people.

However, as these high points can be found anywhere within a space, it’s not always practical to locate people there and this is where feng shui, which translates to wind and water has a profound effect. By placing water at a specific location found during a consultation, air will condense whilst water evaporates and both scientific processes release energy into the environment.

This energy will then flow throughout the structure to empower and inspire everyone within. This provides an enhanced ability to make better things happen in our lives.

Conversely, when we absorb decaying energy our own qi is weakened and we become tired and lethargic. Sometimes a qi flow is restricted or affected by an elemental imbalance and this adds stress, quarrelling and can eventually lead to health problems. Under extreme conditions a kind of Murphy's Law seems to reign supreme and everything we do tends to go wrong, money is very tight and health risks increase.

Do you have to believe in feng shui to have a consultation?

Many people say they believe in feng shui, but as feng shui is the flow of energy in an environment, it is the same as asking does a fish believe in water, or a bird in air?

These creatures don't question their environment, they just make full use of it; something we must do to enrich and make the most of our lives. Otherwise, opportunities can be said to slip through our fingers. Consequently, we must realise that our environment directly affects our wellbeing and quality of life.

So how are things since you moved to your present location? If life has been good for all concerned, the environment is supporting you and you do not need a feng shui consultation.

Need a feng shui consultation?

If you have had problems and continue to have them, a feng shui consultation should greatly improve your quality of life. If you are in any doubt as to whether a consultation is good for you, try the "free feng shui test".

If you need a feng shui consultation, Alan can visit your home or office and give you on the spot advice where results can be instant. Although based in the UK, Alan travels to most parts of the world. Alternatively, we also offer feng shui online consultation services. Please use our consultation enquiry form for a free estimate.

"Alan, thank you SO much for improving my luck with your feng shui advice. Things are finally moving in the right direction for me." Nora, London, UK

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