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Feng Shui Master Consultant credentials

  • Master Alan StirlingAccredited Fellow and recommended feng shui master / teacher by the Feng Shui Institute.
  • Feng Shui Master Consultant, Author and Teacher Alan Stirling is the consultant that other feng schway professionals call on for their own home consultation and professional advice.
  • Former Regional Chairman - Feng Shui Society.
  • Executive Director Feng Shui Institute.
  • A recommended Feng Shui Consultant / teacher by feng shui for Modern Living.
  • Regularly seen and heard in the press, TV and Radio including: Channel 4's Big Breakfast show, Sky TV,BBC World Service for Chinese New Years predictions Daily Telegraph Property Pages and The Times.

Feng shui consultant can sell your homeSell you home with our feng shui home consultation service and pay when your home is sold!

Business feng shui consultant

Got a business? Have a feng shui business consultation now and pay when you get results!
Feng shui consultation fees
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Feng Shui consultation fees

Feng Shui consultation fees are £250 per hour and we offer three forms of Feng Shui consultation - one is just right for you! The first way is by a personal consultation with Alan Stirling the UK's leading traditional Chinese feng shui Master consultant. Alan will visit your home or business and personally show you the effects your environment has on you or your staff. Most importantly, he will tell you how to enhance good energy and cure any harmful influences. This ensures you get the most out of your personal space and life.

Feng Shui consultation enhances quality of life

The feng shui consultation fee is charged as double for the first hour only, due to time spent producing necessary charts for you in our office. This allows us to make better things happen in your life and produce an incredibly beneficial atmosphere in your home. It will make you wonder why you hadn't had a feng shui consultation before.

"We placed the water feature where advised and the energy feels miraculous - it has been one of those special moments in life when words fail". Chris UK.

We may also charge travelling expenses depending on where you are and we will confirm these costs in our personal quote service

Secondly, we also offer online feng shui consultations so we can help you wherevber you are in the world.

Lstly we can teach you how to perform your own consultation with our home feng shui course where prices start from just £99.00.

Feng shui consultation services include

For your home or office a complete health and balance check, using: Form School principles for a perfect layout,

plus Flying Star Feng Shui - advanced compass school technique shows the energy in your environment and what is needed to produce beneficial and long lasting results. This is used in conjunction with;

Chinese Astrology - provides a  complete analysis of your personal energy showing your fate, compatibility and how to get the most from life.  Used in conjunction with Flying Star Feng Shui, it shows precisely what is needed to make your ideal atmosphere!

Earth acupuncture and Space clearing One of the biggest causes of illness, stress and "Sick Building Syndrome" is Geopathic Stress. Alan will check for any signs within the property of Geopathic Stress or "Black Streams". Alan can remove or alter the stream/stress should they prove harmful to the occupants. If you think you are suffering from Geopathic Stress, try our Free Geopathic Stress Test

Sell you home with a feng shui home consultation and pay when its sold!

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