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We have trained many top professional feng shui consultants at our international school. We now offer these classes in our Online Feng Shui Courses below.

Key Concepts courseStep 1 Accredited Feng Shui Key Concepts Course

Forms the basis of all you need to know and why, to help you become a Top Feng Shui consultant.


Professional dowing and earth acupuncture courseStep 2 Accredited Dowsing Course

Using both science and mysticism we teach you how to access deeper levels of consciousness to find and cure black streams and much more.


Feng Shui Consultation styles - How a feng shui consultation works

Feng shui consultation analyses the energy in your home with your own personal qi to see if your environment supports you and your family or staff in your goals and aspirations. If not, a feng shui consultation will recommend simple, subtle cures to produce an atmosphere that is tailor made for you needs. This will relieve stress and empower you to improve all aspects of your life, be it health, wealth, relationships, creativity or recognition.

Feng Shui Books

feng shui consultation booksWARNING reading more than one Feng Shu book will lead to confusion! This is because there are two western methods of Feng Shui. One says do something this way, the other says don't! One is called Black hat feng shui and the other is 8 House or ba gua, The differences are:

Black Hat Feng Shui

This was once the most popular feng shui conbsultation method used by consultants in the West. However, this supposedly “instant” form of Traditional Chinese feng shui did not bring lasting results.

Black Hat feng shui was developed by Thomas Lin Yun in Berkeley, California U.S.A. as recently as 1986 and had little in common with traditional Chinese feng shui’s understanding of natural phenomenon. Instead it was based on the power of a positive mind which when detrimental to nature brought negative or only short term results. Consequently, Black Hat consultants quickly turned to so called “feng shui cures” such as money toads, ba gua mirrors and wind chimes to reinforce their belief structure and generate additional sales.

Black Hat consultants are called “Intuitive feng shui consultants” as they do not use a compass. Although Black Hat used the trigrams of Traditional Feng Shui they caught a glimpse of the real power of true feng shui and how nature works. Instinctively they knew it was right, so most re - trained in the next system called:

8 house or Ba Gua.

ba gua feng shui consultation gridIf you have read a Feng Shui book by Lillian Too then you have come across this system before. Its essentially a Compass School method based on traditional Chinese feng Shui. However this system as generally practised in the west is only half of the system and is therefore somewhat limited in its results. It taps into the power of the positive mind by creating superstition and relies on artefact's such as a 3 legged toad, to reinforce and support the clients wishes, which is similar to Black hat.

There is a third system, actually that's wrong, there is the original system of Feng Shui, which is at least 5000 years old, it doesn't require you to believe in it and it doesn't use superstition. It is based on natural laws which is how nature works. This is the method Alan Stirling uses in his consultations.

Feng Shui That Works!

Feng shui tipsThe origins of Feng Shui are based on the natural flow, integration, dependence and reaction of wind and water - which is what Feng Shui translates to in English. It affects our quality of life and deals directly with how energy in our home and office either supports or restricts us. When we are supported by the energy in our home or office we find that we have an enhanced ability to make better things happen in our life. When weakened we become tired and lethargic. When controlled, there is much more stress, arguing, quarrelling and eventually health problems. When restricted everything we do tends to go wrong, a kind of Murphy's law reigns supreme, money is very tight and health problems increase. A Feng Shui consultation can improve the quality of life even in the worst case scenario and life can immediately turn around for the occupants.

feng shui home consultationsA consultation with Feng Shui Master Alan Stirling

During a Feng Shui consultation Alan will recommend simple subtle cures in the form of colour, shape and texture of, in most cases existing furniture, fixtures and fitting. This will help you to balance the energy in your home with your personal energy, so your home will not only look like it has been professionally designed but, the atmosphere within it will be unique, nurturing - and feel great! The personal effects of our feng shui consultation service will also make your life feel more natural and can help improve Health, Relationships, Wealth, Career, Self - development, Recognition, Harmony and Happiness.

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