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Feng Shui Master Consultant credentials

  • Master Alan StirlingAccredited Fellow and recommended feng shui master / teacher by the Feng Shui Institute.
  • Feng Shui Master Consultant, Author and Teacher Alan Stirling is the consultant that other feng schway professionals call on for their own home consultation and professional advice.
  • Former Regional Chairman - Feng Shui Society.
  • Executive Director Feng Shui Institute.
  • A recommended Feng Shui Consultant / teacher by feng shui for Modern Living.
  • Regularly seen and heard in the press, TV and Radio including: Channel 4's Big Breakfast show, Sky TV,BBC World Service for Chinese New Years predictions Daily Telegraph Property Pages and The Times.

Chinese astrology advice to make the most of life

Free annual and daily Chinese astrologyThe cost of a professional Chinese astrology reading starts at £150.00 see Four Pillars of Destiny, £395 for Zi Wei Dou Shu and just £15 for your Nine Star Ki profile or £45 for Divination with the Advanced I Ching.

See our Chinese astrology Hall of fame with Jenson Button and Coco Chanel. Have a free horoscope and compare your chart with that of the 50 most influential people of the decade click here famous Chinese astrology.

Discover your Ming Gua and Nine Star Ki numbers with our online calculator - free. Which of the five elements are you? Use our free online calculator to find out. Feng shui your bedroom with your best colours.

Seven Steps to Feng Shui Mastery

We have trained many top professional feng shui consultants with our Online Feng Shui Courses

Key Concepts course Accredited Feng Shui Key Concepts Course

Forms the basis of all you need to know and why, to help you become a Top Feng Shui consultant.

Professional dowing and earth acupuncture courseAccredited Dowsing Course

Using both science and mysticism we teach you how to access deeper levels of consciousness to find and cure black streams and much more.

Accredited Nine Star Ki Astrology Course How to analyse health, lifestyles, careers and all aspects of life.

Feng shui online consultations

Feng shui online consultations are the cheapest way of having Alan Stirling do a personal consultation for you and the results can be amazing and almost instantaneous. However, the feng shui results are based totally on the information you supply. Simply, the more details you supply the better your results can be. We need the year of construction for your home, a correct compass bearing for the front of your house and a scaled floorplan.  If you can send us details of the local topography, specifically roads, hills and waterways in relation to your home, this can increase the magnitude of your results. If you are not confident about supplying this information then arrange a personal feng shui consultation with Alan Stirling and we will attend your home and find the information for ourselves. Once there, we will also supply on the spot advice and discus our recommendations with you. 

Feng shui online consultations create unique nurturing atmospheres

feng shui consultation for your home Perhaps the most important details of any online feng shui consultation are the personal birth details of each family member living in your home. From this data we can immediately tell what the most important elements are for success and to get the most from life.  By placing these elements in the appropriate part of your home we balance the energy and create a unique and nurturing atmosphere in your home.

Personal feng shui online services

personal online feng shui consultationsOur personal recommendations for your online consultation will be unique to you and your family. We do not use any interpretive software or supply extraneous and superfluous information like some other companies who cannot interpret the charts for themselves.   In fact, we would advise you to be very wary of companies that include lots of charts in their reports as most of this information can be found free on the internet.  We will only tell you unique information and can include ideal room colours , furniture positions, best sitting and sleeping direction if requested. Additionally, we can supply details of your Chinese astrology and our predictions.

Feng shui master consultations

Feng shui master Alan Stirling is the master consultant that other master practitioners and consultants call for their own home consultation. Actually, many of them learnt how to do online consultations from our world famous Feng Shui School of Excellence and our many feng shui accredited online courses.

“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”

As our consultation services are totally discreet we will never say who these master practitioners and consultants are, but you may see certain similarities with our web site and theirs. Needless to say, we taught them all they know about feng shui online consultations - not all we know. 

Feng shui online consultation fees

As all work is done by hand ensuring that you get unique results we charge £250 per hour. The total consultation time depends on the size of your home determined by the amount of bedrooms and how many Chinese astrology profiles you would want.  We can spend as little as an hour improving the feng shui in your home now and you can use the button below to order this.  An hour would normally cover a one bedroom apartment with one or two people living there.  If you have a larger home with more people please use our feng shui consultation enquiry form and we will confirm a price.

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Some of our Feng Shui results

"If you ever have any non believers, give them my contact details and I will tell them how the house felt after our Feng Shui consultation. My daughter and I are walking around saying Wow to each other". SC - Uttoxeter.UK

Testimonials are spread throughout this site, click here for more feng shui results?

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