Feng Shui results

Feng Shui results on this page show how a consultation or Chinese astrology reading with Feng Shui master Alan helped our clients. There are many more spread throughout this site.

Feng Shui home results"Feng shui consultation results have been spectacular! If you ever have any non believers give them my contact details and I will tell them know how the house felt after our consultation. My daughter and I are walking around saying WOW to each other!". SC - Uttoxeter

"All remedies were completed by Thursday and on the Saturday I got 3 offers. So hey presto, sold. I know you will not be surprised by this but I'm still shocked, it really is the first time I've ever experienced feng shui working so powerfully!" LG Surrey.

Feng Shui results"I am very impressed with your feng shui consultation report I had goose bumps while reading it!"

"Thank you for an excellent feng shui consultation"

"We placed the water feature where advised and the energy feels miraculous - it has been one of those special moments in life when words fail". Chris UK.

"Have put into practice some of things you have taught me over the past few weekends and its been amazing!" V.S. Feng Shui consultant and Executive committee member - Feng Shui Society

Feng Shui design results"Hi Alan,
 well you have worked your magic as a Feng Shui consultant on my house - it is sold subject to contract! Thank you SO much for all you have done." Penny UK

"I can not express how grateful i am to you as a feng shui consultant and for coming into my home and making such a difference". JM- UK.

Dear Alan, Wanted to let you know my 3 daughters used to argue constantly, but since implementing the changes from our feng shui consultation there has been no arguing at all! And also my parrot has has calmed right down. Ajay - London, UK

Feng Shui water results"Thank you for an excellent feng shui consultation. It reminds me that, it’s always best to deal with the professionals" Sarah, UK

Since Alan visited last year, many aspects of our lives have improved. Particularly since activating our 'Friends and Family' corner, relations are more harmonious with little effort from us. My own business has got busier. I enjoyed the friendly & helpful advice. It's amazing! T.S. - Gillingham Kent

"Dear Alan, So far the results have been spectacular! I don't get any negative movement from my divining rods or pendulum, the house feels much happier, my husband is looking more relaxed and is actually talking about taking a holiday and I am feeling better than I have in years.

Forgive me if I seem to be babbling here. For you this must all be routine and exactly what you expected, but for a beginner like me, it is like magic and leaves me with my jaw hanging down on mychest! It has made an enormous difference to the lives of four people not to mention the dog!

The whole atmosphere at the Seekers Trust was amazingly kind, relaxing and healing, quite apart from the excellent course. Thanks for your great help!" Barbara Locher- Switzerland

Feng Shui result - Alan, thank you SO much for improving my luck with your feng shui consultation. Things are finally moving in the right direction for me. Nora, London, UK

Feng Shui results - "I can't thank you enough for the transformation of Bennetts Road so that the house sold. Also I placed the advert of my Rover that I was selling under my water feature and within days I sold it for the price I wanted. I placed a symbol of a silver sports car in the cupboard in the kitchen. I had always wanted a sports car.What did I buy at a very good price? A silver Mazda MX5! Penny - UK

Feng Shui results - Before Alan visited the site I was a total skeptic. As soon as he started speaking I began to see things in a different light. The profile Alan supplied from my date of birth was amazingly accurate, so I knew instantly that he was going to tell me some worthwhile things. The whole afternoon was so so, so, interesting and I was totally shocked by the common sense of it all. My whole staff have really plugged in to the whole Feng Shui thing. All in all, I definitely enjoyed the day and got a lot out of it. I would definitely recommend Alan's services. Paul Faltrick. - Business consultation.

Feng Shui results - "I've got to admit that before Alan arrived I was a bit dubious about Feng Shui and was very narrow minded about what it could do for us. But as soon as I read my personal profile I could see that Alan knew his stuff, as it was frighteningly accurate, even my wife thought so. As Alan talked me through what the Feng Shui consultation would involve he mentioned that most of the measures we could take were based on common sense and in retrospect I can see he was right. After the visit there was a lot of interest from both clients and staff and I was surprised by the interest in feng shui. Overall we picked up a lot, it really is worth having a go after all. You may be dubious to begin with but an expert like Alan can, not only help with the most complex principles of feng shui, but can point out the really obvious common sense things that maybe you wouldn't otherwise have realised." Kevin Smith - Holga Ltd.

A letter from a recent client

Signs of succesful results"Hi Alan, I’d like to thank you again for the reading. It was a very enlightening glimpse of my life. Your reading gave me a clearer picture of events, experiences, hardships, and even emotional responses I’ve had with different events within my life. The reading provided “reasons” and answers to the many questions that I’ve had my entire life.

I know that there are many who are skeptical of what Chinese Astrology can show them. Many refuse to believe that one’s life path can be “mapped” by true masters (such as you) and that many think that their life is just a series of “cause and effect” instead of a set of guidelines written in the stars waiting to be tapped and used as a blueprint with which to “build” ourselves with. If they would just open their minds and realize that the stars’ influence in our lives is there for us to be read and used as a guide then maybe more of us would be calmer, and happier….maybe many more would not resort to “stepping of other people’s toes” to get ahead in life.

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