Free Flying star feng shui consultation

flying star feng shui heat and lightFlying star feng shui or Xuan Kong Fei Xing is probably the most accurate form of feng shui in use today. It allows feng shui consultants to produce excellent results during their feng shui consultation. Why? Because it addresses the specific energy in any building as long as the construction date is known.

Flying star feng shui explained

In its most basic form Flying star feng shui analysis comes in two forms that of flowing and storing or sublimating. The flowing energy is characterized by the “water star” which represents light and air that circulates within a property. Whilst he stored energy represents heat absorbed by certain surfaces. There is actually a third flying star which symbolises energy captured in a structure when the roof was built; consequently, this is referred to as the “time star”. As it is all energy this time star will affect both the water and mountain stars and needs to be balanced accordingly.

Flying star feng shui

Flying star feng shui analysis

All these flying star feng shui energies follow the five elements and you will need knowledge of this essential concept to be able to balance the energy. In a feng shui consultation we also analyse people’s energy using the same system found in Chinese astrology and whichever of the five elements they need to balance their own qi we will place in their environment. We will also advise them to spend time if practical and possible in the area of their home or office that is rich in this specific qi found from the flying stars.

flying star feng shui light and heat

Below is an example of any building with a facing direction between 352.5º - 22.5º degrees and built since 2004. If you home faces this directional range then you could use this chart for your own analysis / interpretation. If you are not sure on what a feng shui facing direction is or how to correctly take a compass bearing please click on the link. However, we must stress that there is a clear difference between flying star chats and your own home and what is needed above all is the proper forms. That means that if we want air to circulate there has to be an opening such as a door or window in a certain direction. Conversely, if we want to store energy then we do not want any draughts or entrances in other directions. Most people when learning a little about flying star feng shui strive to get the best chart when they should really try to get the proper supporting forms as without them even the best flying star chart is useless.

Using a flying star feng shui consultation chart

Although we will supply you with a flying star feng shui chart and a basic analysis we accept no responsibility for any effects that you may receive on following this advice. This is due to the unknown forms that will react with the energy and your subsequent cures. As it takes considerable experience to be able to spot these forms and consequently predict their effects if you are at all worried you should order a feng shui consultation. Also to make this information timeless or as near as flying star feng shui chart N2possible we have omitted the annual and monthly flying stars which have an enormous effect on the chart. A feng shui consultant will be able to tell you this and should certainly use them within any feng shui consultation.

Flying star feng shui - fly before you buy!

This flying star chart appears to be divided into nine palaces. However, as a luo pan is used to analyse the effects of the water, mountain and time star interactions, it actually consists of 8 pie sectors radiating out from a central point. The centre represents a residual point where internal energy meets with circulating energy coming in through external doors and windows. In practice, it is mainly used to find an energetic theme of the building and usually predicts quality of life for those working or living within. We can also see this aspect in all parts of the building which is why we can recommend that certain people have their bedrooms or offices in specific areas. Due to this Flying star feng shui can also be used before buying property to see what life will be like before you buy.