Flying star feng shui consultation

Flying star feng shui - north facing building facing 352.5º - 22.5º degrees

flying star feng shui chart N2Flying star feng shui analysis begins with the facing palace which is marked with an F on the chart shown left. This is north in which the entire direction ranges from 337.5º - 22.5º degrees. Please note, this is the entire direction which includes the facing direction.

Flying star feng shui has been establishes for over a thousand, maybe even two thousand years and within that time there has been huge research and recorded observations carried out by flying star feng shui masters over millennia. Consequently, there are certain combinations of numbers that determine certain outcomes. Although we will cover all of the major ones in time, this being the first of our charts we will keep this as simple as possible and just introduce one concept at a time. In this flying star feng shui chart we will learn how to use the host / guest relationship.

five element cycle

Flying star feng shui - North – being at the facing palace where light and air should enter the building automatically favours the 9 fire water star, so we will choose this as our host. The north is strongly associated with the water and earth elements both of which control and weaken the fire element of our host in the sheng cycle arrangement. Luckily, the 4 wood time star balances the control aspect and the earth element of the pre heaven sequence completes an entire sheng cycle so all is balanced.

It is important to note that water stars refer to the nature of a star not to their element, all stars therefore have both an element and a form. Good water stars need real water in the form of an aquarium or even a water feature to activate and tap into their beneficial effects.

This is because air dissolves into water releasing energy into an environment and water evaporates into air with a doubling effect. The 9 water star in the current period is good for long term wealth and if this was activated in the above chat then the occupants could receive long term wealth opportunities as a result. That said, this chart does not have the annual or monthly flying stars and as such is only half a chart. As these must be taken into effect we strongly recommend that you have a feng shui consultation and professionally activate these aspects. We accept no responsibility for putting water in this area without checking the forms or annual and monthly stars. Moving clockwise around the chart we arrive at the Northeast

flying star feng shui - Northeast This palace contains the 9 mountain, 2 time and 7 water star and is written left to right as 927. This palace is adjacent to the facing and still favours the water star, however, the 7 water star is past its prime and is rapidly deteriorating leaving chaos in its wake. Especially so if this is an active part of the building as this frenzied energy will then flow throughout the whole structure causing stress to whomever comes into contact with it. If the flow can be stopped the energy can be stored and this will favour the auspicious 9 mountain star which can be very good for health. It is therefore ideal for a bedroom or sitting area.

Wood mountainThis particular configuration of 927 is known in flying star feng shui as “pre heaven fire” and it needs the water element colours or shapes to cool it down, otherwise it is said to cause fires. On no account should real water be applied as this will definitely spread the destructive energy of the 7 water star throughout the building. After adding virtual water (colours or shapes only) the only other element require is wood to support our 9 fire mountain star. This is already present in the pre heaven sequence which underpins the late heaven sequence or luo shu that we are working with. We now need a form to absorb the beneficial qi for the mountain star and a wood or fire mountain would be ideal. This could be anything from green or warm coloured walls or heavy piece of furniture, such as a couch or sofa, to an external tree or even a church spire found outside in this specific direction.

We continue our flying star feng shui analysis with the east of this building