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Feng Shui home consultation report removes doubts on buying a home.

Our Feng Shui report can tell you what your life will be like in your new home, before you buy it! Prices start from just £250!

feng shui tips for peopleA Feng Shui consultation analyses your personal energy and that of your new home to create a nurturing atmosphere specific to you and your family. Our Feng Shui recommendations are simple subtle cures to support health, wealth, relationships and well-being for all members of your family.

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Feng shui tips and quality of life

Quality of life” directly contributes to how we feel. Scientifically it is quite simply the quality of energy that we put into our bodies or absorb from our surroundings. It has been practiced by feng shui masters and their clients for thousands of years.

Feng shui works by finding benevolent energy in any environment. We then position our clients to absorb this power (defined as the transfer of energy) in their everyday lives.At the same time, we site furniture, fixtures and fittings to insulate our client from harmful decaying energy. This allows good energy to flow and stores decaying energy, producing a nurturing environment throughout the home. This is why the public’s perception of feng shui is linked to interior design and why a feng shui consultation seriously improves quality of life.

Feng shui tips to sell your home

feng shui tips for homesAs Feng Shui can be used on any building, it can obviously be applied to your existing home too, either in terms of interior design and decorating or as a means of preparing your home for sale. We have many happy clients who, having had their home on the market for considerable periods of time have sold their house just days after a consultation. Now you can put our service to the test, with our home selling service.

Let us help you sell your home

We are so confident of our feng shui results that if a feng shui consultation does not sell your home within three months you can keep 50% of our fee. It doesn’t matter how long your home has been on the market for, we have helped to sell the most difficult homes, sometimes within days. Of course, you must agree to follow our simple, subtle recommendations to create a unique environment that buyers will find hard to resist. 50% of the fee less deposit will be paid at the end of the consultation and the remaining balance can be settled when you sell your home within three months. If it takes longer than three months to get a reliable offer then you may keep our fee. There are no strings attached this is a genuine offer. However, this service is only available to new clients as our existing clients need no encouragement to use our feng shui services. Please email Alan for a quote.

Feng Shui client tip

"If you ever have any non believers give them my contact details and I will tell them know how the house felt after our Feng Shui consultation. My daughter and I are walking around saying Wow to each other!". SC - Uttoxeter

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Feng shui report

A feng shui report costs just £250 per hour. We need to either see the home and take our own readings with our feng shui home consultations or you can supply the information for our online feng shui service. In both cases we can usually tell you almost instantly, whether your home purchase will be good for you and your family.

A simple report usually only takes 1 or 2 hours although houses that have severe problems take longer. For a free feng shui estimate please use this enquiry form. Our report or home consultation service can inspire your interior design.

Feng shui and interior design

Feng shui decorating tips and interior design advice can show you the effects of altering the colour scheme of a house or room before you change it. We can, if needed suggest alternative colours to cure most problems and bring your home into balance. Also, a Feng Shui consultation will tell you how to tap into a power spot that enables you to attract opportunities for wealth and well being.