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Those Seeking The Truth About Feng Shui
(And the Adventure Awaiting within Your Home)

Apply the Comprehensive System of
True Feng Shui in your Consultation to
Get Real Long-Lasting Results.

Skip The Trinkets and Wishful Thinking
So You Can Finally Secure Lasting Feng Shui


After using Feng Shui, you can see the effect it is already having on your life. Furthermore, as a Feng Shui Consultant, I will recommend simple subtle cures to explain how to not only overcome any problems, but invite the things that you want to happen to manifest in your life. Usually these easy-to-implement changes, do not involve decorating, and very often they use what you already have.

The world is saturated with incorrect “Feng Shui” information…
…and although well intentioned, using these false methods is not only ineffective…

…It’s Dangerous

Unfortunately, most Feng Shui is shrouded in mystery, superstition or unscrupulously used by traders to sell trinkets and baubles to make their own dreams come true. Alternatively, good information is drip fed to maximise profits.

As Feng Shui is shrouded in secrecy, anyone can say that it is Feng Shui, but that doesn’t make it right – and doesn’t mean you will get positive results.

Our Feng Shui works in practical and natural scientific terms, so that it can be explained and understood by everyone.

Below are a couple of examples of wrong Feng Shui:

Staff refused to work at The Governor’s Palace in Hong Kong because of bad Feng Shui coming from the Bank of China. They called in a Feng Shui master who recommended the wrong cure and made their situation even worse. Arguing, fighting and no work being done continued, until a True Feng Shui professional correctly analysed the issue, changed the cure and solved the problem. Harmony, efficiency and morale were restored.

Another example of wrong Feng Shui advice. – a client had been told by a so called Feng Shui master that in order to sell their home they had to undergo major structural work costing £25,000.00. However, after a true Feng Shui consultation minor changes (costing nothing) were made within the home which balanced the energy and the house sold shortly afterwards.

The Chinese view Feng Shui as an extremely powerful way of perpetuating their families prosperity for future generations. Consequently, True Feng Shui masters only traditionally taught just one of their children, and it was shrouded in mystery to all others, even their own family.

However, these outsiders just saw Feng Shui being applied, but did not know why or even how.

They try to explain the effects using superstition to sell trinkets, which rely on your faith, rather than reason or even common sense. Or they “drip feed” the little information they have over a long period of time, which indoctrinates you into believing that even the slightest improvement is a miracle!

The Fateful Day That I Stumbled
Upon the Mysterious Feng Shui
Master Who Knew the (Highly
Guarded) Proven & Predictable
Systems That Generate Real
Results, Time After Time

I first came across the words Feng Shui in a completely unrelated fictitious novel, which I bought to take my mind off of the war zone environment at a Middle East airport on my return from a business trip to the Gulf.

Just seeing these two words sparked something within me and I began my quest to discover its secrets. Returning to the UK, I enquired at several libraries where I was told that it was possibly connected to either Origami… or the Kama Sutra. Not even close!

In this same year of 1986 Black Hat Feng Shui was beginning in the USA, which I tried myself for a while. Although, the results were not sustainable long term, I had a fascinating glimpse into true Feng Shui.

However, I instinctively knew this was just the tip of the iceberg, and felt there was so much more information missing, so decided I to learn to read and even write Chinese, to discover these hidden secrets.

Although Alan studied with Feng Shui masters from east and west, his real training began during a fateful day that happened quite by accident…

As fate had it, I helped a random stranger whose gratitude led to an introduction to her father, who happened to be a distinguished Master of True Feng Shui.

His name was Master Fu and my life would never be the same again.

By showing virtue to a stranger, Master Fu decided to teach me exactly how to unravel the century’s old secrets of True Feng Shui.

Having recovered from an almost fatal illness, he was a very humble and unassuming man, who valued virtues such as discretion and humility above all. Perhaps it was this new lease of life that helped him to decide to teach me, instead of a son he never had?

He never taught Feng Shui to anyone else before or after, and sadly died in 2014. He is sorely missed. I am incredibly grateful to him for his unique teaching, and because of him I have been able to help many clients around the world get incredible results.

Our testimonials reaffirm this

On graduating I started to practise professionally. My clients were so amazed that I could tell exactly what was happening in their lives by the way they had arranged their furniture, fixtures and fittings. Moreover, I could also tell them what to put there instead, to achieve their goals, and greatly improve their quality of life.

Working primarily on personal referrals, my clients banded together and persuaded me to teach them all about true Feng Shui, and so in 1997 the Feng Shui School of Excellence  began. I taught them and every student since how to do this professionally, both in class and by distance learning.

Since then, I have trained and continue to train Feng Shui consultants in many countries around the world. In 2000 I helped set the industry standards and code of ethics.

True Feng Shui has been kept a secret for millennia and used only amongst the elite and powerful to enrich their lives and attain success.

As we can all benefit from Feng Shui, it is good to know that according to the universal principles of yin and yang, life alternates from one extreme to another.

Master Fu and I shared the dream that one day children will be freely taught Feng Shui at school and that it could be used in hospital environments to aid healing and reduce stress.

When used in nature, it helps plants and animals to thrive which would assist us to feed the world. Finally, using Feng Shui in our homes creates a nurturing sanctuary that attracts all.

Now what a wonderful world that would be.

Why not join us in our quest by using Feng Shui to help the world become a better place!

You Could Be Right Around The Corner from Dramatically Improving Your Life

Learning from a Feng Shui Consultant will highlight and change the influences or energy around you. The effects can be felt very quickly indeed. They tend to change your overall outlook enabling you to deal with the outside world much more positively. You tend to think clearer and make better decisions, whilst sleep and overall health and wellbeing tend to improve too.

Our clients and even students have also reported “miraculous results in a matter of days” following Feng Shui home consultations, including selling a house that had previously been on the market for years, to winning the lottery jackpot TWICE in a matter of months.

A police commissioner recovered from a brain tumour in a very short period of time.

After a consultation using true Feng Shui, a client sold a chemical process he had refined for £30 million-way above expectations.

A busy female executive, with little time to go out and meet new people, met the love of her life when he called at her door to find the previous occupants!

Here is what some of our
students and clients think of
true Feng Shui

“Feng Shui results have been spectacular! If you ever have any non-believers, give them my contact details and I will tell them how the house felt after our consultation. My daughter and I are walking around saying WOW to each other!”
SC – Uttoxeter

“Hi Alan, well, you have worked your magic as a Feng Shui consultant on my house – it is sold subject to contract! Thank you SO much for all you have done.”
Penny – UK

“Feng Shui consultation done on Thursday and on the Saturday I got 3 offers. So hey presto, sold. I know you will not be surprised by this but I’m still shocked, it really is the first time I’ve ever experienced Feng Shui working so powerfully!”
LG – Surrey

“We placed the water feature where advised and the energy feels miraculous – it has been one of those special moments in life when words fail.”
Chris – UK

“Since Alan visited last year, many aspects of our lives have improved. Relations are more harmonious with little effort from us. My own business has got busier. It’s amazing!”
T.S. – Gillingham UK

“I am very impressed with your Feng Shui consultation report. I had goosebumps while reading it!”

“I’ve got to admit that before Alan arrived I was a bit dubious about Feng Shui and was very narrow-minded about what it could do for us. But as soon as I read my personal profile, I could see that Alan knew his stuff, as it was frighteningly accurate. Even my wife thought so. As Alan talked me through what the Feng Shui consultation would involve, he mentioned that most of the measures we could take were based on common sense and in retrospect I can see he was right. After the visit there was a lot of interest from both clients and staff and I was surprised by the interest in Feng Shui. Overall we picked up a lot, it really is worth having a go after all. You may be dubious to begin with but an expert like Alan can, not only help with the most complex principles of Feng Shui, but can point out the really obvious common sense things that maybe you wouldn’t otherwise have realised.”
Kevin Smith – Holga Ltd

“My 3 daughters used to argue constantly, but since implementing the changes from our Feng Shui consultation there has been no arguing at all! And also my parrot has calmed right down.”
Ajay – London, UK

You already have the energy you need to create rapid transformation in your life

In a very short period of time after a Feng Shui consultation you should be aware of how and why your environment directly affects your happiness and quality of life. You will then be empowered to produce the kind of life that fulfils you and helps create success wherever you are.

I would like us all to benefit from the beneficial influences that constantly surround us. After all, the more energy you put into something the better results you get back. Using the natural energy of our surroundings helps us to reduce stress, achieve our goals, find fulfillment and improve our wellbeing and quality of life. You only have to realise how great nature is…from doing just that!

As previously mentioned, the energy in our environment is affecting our wellbeing and quality of life. It can help us achieve our hopes and aspirations and be everything that we want to be. Not taking advantage of these beneficial influences is like letting opportunities slip through our fingers.

I came into Feng Shui by fate and it changed my life and destiny on all levels for the better. I cannot imagine what my life would have been like if I had not done so.

We live in a world of constant change-make yours now by going with the flow or just change your life for the better, by speaking to a Feng Shui consultant!

“Love what I read and am so happy that I found you on the Internet. Thank you"
Margrete - Norway


With green issues and care for our home life becoming increasingly important, it’s now time we started living in harmony with our surroundings. In fact, science has recently confirmed that our local environment seriously affects our quality of life. How? Our home and office has energy (qi) that rises and decays over time. When energy rises, our life, health, vitality and prospects improve, but when energy decays, these aspects deteriorate and cause stress.


“Alan has a unique way of explaining the benefits of Feng Shui. He spends time not only explaining the value of placement, but how to use Feng Shui colours effectively. He is also adept at clearing energy or chi blocks. He achieves this using a gentle and friendly manner. Alan helps you to maximise what is already in your home, so there is usually no need to redecorate or buy new furniture. The results of the Feng Shui consultation we had were spectacular!”



Feng Shui consultant Alan achieves remarkable results for clients at their consultations. As a result, Alan runs a busy international Feng Shui consultancy with a wide range of corporate clients, including Orange. Master Alan is unique in that he empowers clients to understand the effect their environment has and how to make the most from it.


Feng Shui Master Alan has been in the communications industry most of his adult life and has worked throughout Europe, America and the Middle East helping people to communicate. Whilst reading James Clavell’s “Noble House” in Beirut Airport back in 1986, he came across the phrase “FENG SHUI”. Drawn to these words, he has been on a quest ever since to find out the meaning and purpose of this fascinating art.


Our Feng Shui results show how a consultation or Chinese astrology reading with Feng Shui master Alan helped our clients. There are many more reviews and testimonials spread throughout the site.


Now well over 25 years later, having learnt to read and write Chinese in order to discover true Feng Shui, Alan runs the  Feng Shui School of Excellence where he shares his knowledge and insights with students and clients. Alan specialises in Traditional Chinese Feng Shui and received training from distinguished Feng Shui masters from both east and west. The school is well known internationally, accredited by the international Feng Shui Institute, and has trained many of the best Feng Shui experts and teachers. Feng Shui School of Excellence Student Testimonials.