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Testimonials, reviews and quotes from clients helped by our Feng Shui Home, Business and Online Consultations, as well as our Chinese astrology readings. 

Alan is the real deal. I am still amazed at how accurate his analysis is and how effective his solutions are. Thoroughly recommended.

Charlotte, UK

Alan, thank you SO much for improving my luck with your Feng Shui advice. Things are finally moving in the right direction for me.

Nora, UK

Everything that Alan said in our session was accurate, about everyone in our house! It was astounding! I will definitely work with Alan again in my new properties! Thank you so much for your guidance! Highly recommended!

Emma, UK

“Simply the best, absolutely outstanding and this does work. I have been using Alan as my Feng Shui Consultant for over 20 years and I cannot recommend him enough.”

Julie, UK

“Feng Shui consultation results have been spectacular! If you ever have any non-believers give them my contact details and I will tell them know how the house felt after our consultation. My daughter and I are walking around saying WOW to each other!”

SC, Uttoxeter, UK

“I can not express how grateful I am to you as a Feng Shui consultant and for coming into my home and making such a difference.”


“Hi Alan, well, you have worked your magic as a Feng Shui consultant on my house – it is sold subject to contract! Thank you SO much for all you have done.”

Penny, UK

“All remedies were completed by Thursday and on the Saturday I got 3 offers. So hey presto, sold. I know you will not be surprised by this but I’m still shocked, it really is the first time I’ve ever experienced Feng Shui working so powerfully!”

LG, Surrey, UK

“My Feng Shui consultation results have been spectacular! The house feels much happier, my husband is looking more relaxed, is actually talking about taking a holiday and I’m feeling better than I have in years.”

Barbera, Switzerland

“We placed the water feature where advised and the energy feels miraculous – it has been one of those special moments in life when words fail”.

Chris, UK

“Thank you for an excellent Feng Shui consultation. It reminds me that, it’s always best to deal with the professionals.”

Sarah, UK

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