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Accredited Feng Shui Mastery Professional Consultant Course Curriculum

As clients are becoming increasingly aware of their quality of life being affected by external influences, feng shui has a huge role to play in balancing people lives and helping them find success and fulfilment.

Many more professional practitioners are needed, and we would like to see as many feng shui consultants as there are Architects. However, by professional consultants we mean those that receive the proper training and are able to apply all of the techniques they have learned to get the best results for every client wherever they are.  

For example, a recent student made a subtle change to their own home and got a £2 million contract out of nowhere. Another used feng shui in their interior design and got short-listed for the most prestigious Interior Design award in that industry. Even one of our earliest students won the lottery TWICE after making subtle changes to her father’s home.  


If this is some of the success that students get whilst learning feng shui, imagine what you can do for clients when you finish the course?

You may already be aware that according to TheRichest.com, being a feng shui consultant is one the most highly paid lesser known vocations. A career as a feng shui professional is rewarding, fun and ultimately fulfilling. Moreover, you are your own boss and can easily adopt flexible working hours to suit you and your family commitments. What more could you want? Enrol NOW!


Our interactive feng shui classes are now streamed live to you wherever you are

Wherever you are in the world you can now connect with our virtual classroom via Broadband and get to experience real feng shui in live locations. Our interactive classes mean that you can see and practice feng shui via a live consultation of other student’s spaces or with your consent, perhaps even your home or office? You will be shown directly how to analyse any environment and to find the ideal cure. You can even see the deeper levels of our noble art being applied under the personal direction of Master Alan.

As our work involves analysing environments, this is the perfect medium to learn feng shui and gain the best experience of many different and varied locations. It is so much better than a static classroom.

This video explains how good or bad Feng Shui is already working in your environment and how you can improve the situation. You can even call to discuss.