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Free flying star feng shui consultation

Free Flying Star Chart For North Facing Building Between 352.5º - 22.5º Degrees Built Since 2004

Flying star feng shui chart analysis should begin with an overall look at the chart to see if there are any similarities within each sector or palace. Each palace (square) contains three numbers which when applied to five elements represent the interaction between underground energies ad those stored and flowing through the building. The number in the top left corner of each flying star palace is always known as the mountain star. The number in the middle is the “time star” and the water star number is always found in the top right hand corner. If you saw our opening page on flying star feng shui you will know that the mountain star represents storage of energy, it may help you to think of this as heat. The water star is the energy coming from outside in the form of light and air which if allowed circulates throughout the entire structure. The time star is the residual energy in the location where light meets heat in the building. To see the effects of this interaction we convert the numbers to the five elements in the following manner.

Flying Star Elements

  • 1 water qi.
  • 2, 5, & 8 earth qi,
  • 3, 4 wood qi.
  • 6, 7, metal qi.
  • 9 fire qi.

Traditionally the numbers represented trigrams – ancient symbols of natural energies and phenomenon’s however, overtime the trigrams were replaced by numbers to make identification and interpretation easier.

There is one more step before we can start to analyse our flying star feng shui chart for this north facing house or office and that is to have a particular focus in each palace. This means that if possible we want to choose a specific type of energy to preserve which we will refer to as a “host” we can then view all other energies as “guests”.


As the success of any feng shui consultation depends on the “forms” present in each palace of which the correct identification and treatment of which is far too complex to impart in a web page. However, we do have an accredited professional flying star feng shui course that will teach you these techniques in depth. 

If you want full flying star feng shui results from your home, we highly recommend a feng shui consultation which can be done at your home or business or even online.


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With over 25 years professional experience, we offer comprehensive Feng Shui services for your current or future home. Your consultation will consist of a complete health and balance check using:

  • Form School principles for the perfect layout, plus
  • Flying Star Feng Shui - An Advanced Compass School technique detailing the specific energy in your environment and what is needed to produce beneficial and long lasting results. Flying Star must be used in conjunction with,
  • Chinese Astrology - A complete, advanced analysis of your personal energy, showing your fate, compatibility and what you need to get the most from life. Used in conjunction with Flying Star Feng Shui, it allows us to make your ideal atmosphere!
  • Earth Acupuncture and Space Clearing - One of the biggest causes of illness, stress and "Sick Building Syndrome" is Geopathic Stress. Alan will check the property for signs of "Black Streams" and remove or alter the stream/stress should they prove harmful to the occupants. If you think you are suffering from Geopathic Stress, try our Free Geopathic Stress Test.

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