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Tips from Feng Shui master Alan Stirling


feng shui tipsQ “Dear Alan
I understand that you can place the bagua over your entire house & map it out – I also understand that then you can do each individual room. How does one do that? Don’t they conflict?

Hi, you are referring to what is known as the macrocosm (in this instance that’s the house) and the microcosm, the room. When you change one it affects the other, that’s how you can use both. If you are at all worried then just use the whole floor area or have a feng shui consultation from a Feng Shui master.

“Dear Alan, 
I have recently moved back home to my parents on a temporary basis. Is it possible to divide my bedroom into the various areas (career area, wealth, relationship etc.) so that I can have some control over my life?”

Hi Judy, yes, you can do this as it works on a macrocosm / microcosm relationship. So have fun!

feng shui tips for carsQ “Alan, I’ve heard that you can Feng Shui cars. Is there any truth in this, and how would one go about doing this”?

No, I am sorry. In traditional Chinese Feng Shui you cannot do this. However in the American version called Black Hat you can. To apply it you would use the Black Hat Ba Gua and divide the car into 9 equal sections. These areas represent different aspects of your life, so if you want to manifest something just place something that symbolises your desire in the relevant area, and just believe that it’s working.

“Hi, Alan. We have a beautiful coffered ceiling in our master bedroom. These are not beams, but symmetrical wood decoration in the original design of the old home we live in. The ceiling is flat. Is there an energy problem with this?”.


Hi Linda, 
There is only a problem with beams if they are disproportionately large. This causes a problem with air pressure and results in a hammer-type effect, which, if you spent many hours underneath them, can result in stress to the body. In a normal-sized room the beams should not be more that 15-18 inches in depth, that’s measured from the ceiling. I hope this helps.

Q “Hi, I’d like some help re: the issue of beams on a ceiling in the bedroom. I’ve read how potentially bad this can be health-wise and relationship-wise. I’ve read that bamboo flutes and faceted crystals can help in this situation. My question is, how do I place these items? Do I just hang a crystal or two from the beam itself? If I get bamboo flutes, do I hang those on each side of the beam?”.

Hi, Let us clear up the confusion regarding supposed cures for beams. Flutes in Chinese are called Changdi, meaning “to raise”. This is said to stop a Chinese person worrying about the downward air pressure. As crystals will not change the air pressure, it is best to cover the ceiling in a stylish piece of fabric and this will diffuse the pressure. More Feng Shui bedroom tips

feng shui bedroomQ Hi, my daughter is wondering about the way she faces her bed in her room. She has been told that it is coffin death, to face the end of the bed to the door. I would like to know more about it please, thanks, Karen.

Hi Karen. Yes, that’s true. It’s called the “coffin position” because when you die traditionally they carry you through the door feet first. This appears to have been absorbed by the human psyche with the result that anyone sleeping in this position is seriously undermined, fretful, restless and depressed. However, a speedy recovery can be made by changing the bed, or by putting in a solid object at the foot of the bed.

mirror tilesQ “There are mirror tiles about 3′ X 3′ above my kitchen sink as there is not a window there. They cannot be removed. I understand this is very bad Feng Shui, however, have not been able to find a cure. What should I do?”.

Mirrors in this instance, are only negative if you use them for dressing, as the edges are said to cut into your personal energy, or chi. There is no problem if you are using them to reflect light. A good dressing mirror should have space above and around the body. Never use mirrors to reflect anything negative as it will have the opposite effect and draw the negativity to you from the refection.

Feng Shui tip: As your car is now a high tech environment, drink lots of water to flush the EMF effects from your body.

Feng Shui tip: A blanket box, or suitable piece of furniture placed at the foot of the bed, will shield you from the effects of an inline door.

"Alan, thank you SO much for improving my luck with your feng shui advice. Things are finally moving in the right direction for me." Nora, London, UK