Feng Shui Consultations – How Working on Sectors of Your Home in Combination is the Key to Changing Your Life!

Feng Shui Consultations – How Working on Sectors of Your Home in Combination is the Key to Changing Your Life!

Most people think that a Feng Shui Consultation is primarily used to help a client improve their wealth, health career or relationships. And whilst at least one of these four things are the most common reasons people book a consultation initially, they soon learn how more than one sector is usually required to make rapid progress towards your goals.  

Traditional Chinese Feng Shui consultations combine both time and space. Your energy is constantly changing, as well as the energy in your home, as we move from month to month. So a good practitioner, will combine Chinese astrology analysis, with the a thorough review of the energies in your home or office – in the current period of time. They will then work to identify how you can get from where you are now to where you want to be and find the most auspicious times to make your moves.

Flying Star Feng Shui

I practise Traditional Chinese Flying Star Feng Shui and have been doing so for over 30 years. According to this system, there are 8 sectors of the bagua (not including the central palace), which equate to the eight compass directions of your home. This differs entirely from modern ‘black hat’ bagua placement you will often come across in books, where you position the bagua based on the position of your front door. The traditional Flying Star system, is far more advanced, precise and is the only system you should consider for real, long term results.

Each sector of the bagua corresponds to a season, element, family member, as well as colours, shapes and meaning. The meaning of the 8 compass sectors from a Feng Shui perspective, are explained briefly below.

The North

This represents both your Career / Journey through life as well as near future. A clear, flowing path is vital in all of our lives – as being on the right path brings opportunities to meet the right people, at the right time so everything we need comes naturally and easily.

The Northeast

This sector carries the energy of a mountain and provides clarity and perspective to help boost our confidence by developing our inner harmony, knowledge and intuition, or deeper self-understanding in any situation. It signifies abundance, especially of health.

The East

The East sector is worked on to gain authority and respect in life – either our chosen field or with specific people or groups of people where you wish to be more fully acknowledged.  Being well respected and holding authority is a huge part of achieving success – and is important in improving wealth, relationship prospects, career advancement and support.

The Southeast

This is commonly thought of as the wealth corner, but it is really about attracting more abundance and blessings towards you. Wealth in Flying Star Feng Shui is worked on by looking at the most vibrant stars available, which could be in any sector of the bagua depending on the homes facing direction and time of construction.

The South

The South when correctly optimised is the sector you can work on for fame/recognition and also your long-term future. Imagery and symbolism here, along with the correct colours / elements to balance the Flying Star combinations will manifest recognition and your brightest possible fulfilling life.  

The Southwest

The Southwest is the sector for intimate partnerships, meaning your marriage or life partner. Simple changes here can help you find a relationship if you are single or improve an existing one.

The West

Working on the West sector of your home will enhance the success and wellbeing of your children, as well as creative projects you are currently working on – helping them move to abundant fruition.

The Northwest

This is a powerful place for manifesting goals and attracting helpful people – whether it’s a plumber or exercise partner or whoever you need assistance from right now – this sector is critically important to help attract the help you need.

Big dreams are achieved much faster by the right people showing up! It’s often who you know, not what you know that gets you where you need to be. It is also linked to travel – so maps or photos of places you would like to visit, with help draw these experiences to you when placed in this sector. 

Some Examples of the Sectors Working Together

A person wanting to advance their career, needs not only a clear pathway ahead of them (N) but also helpful people (NW), respect and authority (E) and recognition.

Depending on what that means to them, other sectors such as creativity (W) or new study (NE) may also be needed to assist.

Relationship improvements – may need multiple areas looked at in the same way, depending on where the issue lies. For example, a single person will need to meet new people so improving the NW, and N sectors may be part of the final solution.

They also need recognition and respect, and may also need to first build a relationship with themselves, through inner learning and development – associated with the NE.

Making more money may involve a complete career change or starting a new business, so although activating the auspicious water stars may be sufficient, in some cases – a person may need to do a lot more than this – it depends on how big the changes you desire are!

Two Key Reasons People Have a First Feng Shui Consultation

Addressing Problems

Lots of people book a Feng Shui consultation to solve a problem in their life. Well that’s how it often starts out anyway. Something is breaking down, or they feel stuck or lost or are suffering in some area of their life. This is especially true for people trying Feng Shui for the first time – they are searching for more out of life in some area or have moved into a new home and things have gone wrong.

However, once people have experienced true Feng Shui, and understand it’s power, they realise it is an ongoing process that can keep their lives moving forwards through the changing cycles of energy and time.

The more you implement and watch the effects subtle changes to your environment make, the more interested in it you will probably get! Also understanding when things are a little bumpy, the reasons why they are so – and then seeing them in a positive light – the easier you will find it to flow with life’s curves – and realise that change is always a good thing, if managed and also prepared for.

The saying ‘make hay while the sun shines’ is a powerful one. If you are in a ten-year wealth period, for example, having that knowledge will help you work hard to make the best of it. Equally understanding in any given period, your relationship or work may go through significant change, can help you to consider your options and implement changes to either let go of dead wood or make positive changes to re-organise things.


Improving and maintaining good health – the other main thing people often consult me for, is achieved in a number of ways using Feng Shui. These include:

  • Dowsing your home for harmful earth energies and curing any with Earth Acupuncture or other techniques if an issue.
  • Looking at the current astrological influences, which can affect different areas of the body and using the energy of colours and other simple cures to help balance any issues.
  • Similarly, certain flying star combinations can cause illness, and are also easily cured with the subtle use of colour, shapes and even changing location (for example where you sleep or spend significant time).
  • Finally – when you are happy, your health naturally improves – so by improving your life in all areas, will lead to stronger immunity, peace and well-being.

If you would like to know more, please either join me for a taster day – which will introduce the key concepts of Feng Shui and how you can apply them to your life or book a consultation (either face to face or via Zoom) for a more personalised in depth life review!

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