Chinese New Year 2024 Wood Dragon Astrology 15-day Test Drive from 7th December 2023

Chinese New Year 2024 Wood Dragon Astrology 15-day Test Drive from 7th December 2023

Your chance to experience some of the trends and tendencies that Chinese Astrology has in store for you in 2024.

From 7th December 2023, we get to experience what the first half of 2024 might be like for you according to your Chinese astrology. This is due to the energy for the first half of December (until the 22nd), being the same Yang Wood as it will be in 2024. Of course, the animal signs will be different with December having the Rat sign and 2024 the Dragon, but as Yang Wood has the strongest influence in the first half of both time periods, you get a chance to see and feel how life treats you, and what opportunities might come your way next year.

December 2023 will be a Wood Rat month and this particular combination heralds new beginnings and in fact, being a Pioneer. 2024 is the start of a new 20-year period, which promises to be a New Golden Era for mankind – eventually! If you have never tried Chinese astrology or Feng Shui before this is your opportunity to become a pioneer and do something daring, something you have always wanted to do, but were waiting for the right moment to happen. Well, this is the time, try it and see!

Chinese astrology and Feng Shui deal with energy or qi, they are renowned for “curing bad luck”, and we have helped many, many people improve their opportunities and well-being over the many years we have been trading. Chinese astrology is so diverse it practically makes us unique in terms of our personal energy profile or Ba Zi, and if you find that the first couple of weeks of December are not working as you hoped they would, and you feel 2024 may be going the same way, we can probably help you feel more confident and maybe even achieve your goals in 2024. We are only a phone call away, so reach out and let us help you to help yourself.

For those with a broader perspective, I will shortly be publishing my 2024 predictions for the Yang Wood Dragon in time for the Chinese New Year 2024.

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