Introducing the world’s first INDOOR Flow Form Feng Shui Water Feature

Introducing the world’s first INDOOR Flow Form Feng Shui Water Feature

When Feng Shui Master Alan Stirling came across the Flow Form concept he could immediately see the benefits to Feng Shui and Wellness in general. He approached many Flow Form manufacturers in the hope of getting them to create an indoor version, which could benefit everyone, not just those with gardens. Further, garden versions benefit nature and all wildlife, whereas bringing it indoors benefits the family and all occupants.

Sadly, Alan could not find a manufacturer to make one. However, as fate or Feng Shui would have it, he finally came across a likeminded soul who shared this same dream. Further he was a leading engineer in the field of hydrodynamics and collectively they pioneered what they believe is the World’s FIRST indoor Flow Form Feng Shui water feature.

It is called the Infinity Plus lemniscate water feature, where lemniscate means figure of 8, and also comes from the Latin word meaning “ribbons” which relates to quantum dynamics. The water continually pulses anticlockwise and then clockwise alternately. This signifies Universal Balance, or Yin for the material world and Yang for the world of potential, where according to quantum physics, everything is possible.

It also maximises the water surface area for dynamic results in health and wellbeing and contains 3 levels signifying the unification of Heaven, Earth and Man as symbolised in the Trigrams. These are the basis of Feng Shui and the cornerstone of Ancient Chinese philosophy.

The dimensions of the Infinity Plus water feature is W38.1 cms (15 in), X H25.1 cms (10 in), it has a 5-speed attachment which owners modulate according to how busy they want to be, it also runs on 5V batteries meaning you can place it anywhere. It is handmade and incorporates 3D printing.

The current cost is just £520 plus £90 shipping, and you may also have to pay local taxes in your area as it ships worldwide. As you might expect from this unique product, sold at an incredible price there is a waiting list, therefore please order from the button below, and we will inform you of your place on the list and approximately when you should receive your own Infinity Plus.

You can buy this incredible item here

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