2024 The start of a Golden Era, refinement, new beginnings, and light at the end of the tunnel?

2024 The start of a Golden Era, refinement, new beginnings, and light at the end of the tunnel?

In terms of Chinese astrology and Feng Shui 2024 means the end of the previous Era of isolation, confrontations, conflicts, and demonstrations, and perhaps a new 20- era of virtue leading to refinement of ourselves, our lives and our future.

2024 Yang Wood Dragon Year

Elementally, the water of last year was associated with fear in all its forms, but this year Yang Wood denotes hope and new beginnings. These are starting to appear around the world as well as perhaps on our own doorsteps, and in our communities. Instead of the pessimistic gloom of the previous 20-year Era, we have a NEW Golden Age caused by the 180 year return of the Period 9 Li Trigram known as Li and “Illumination”. This signifies the height of nature and the Summer Solstice and inspires an age of optimism and huge potential, so be positive and positive things will happen to you and around you.

The Wood of this years annual influence indicates kindness in the first half of the year changing to discipline and restrictions in the second. It is also a time of action, love and beauty and eventually the height of humanity. However, before we get there the Yang Wood signifies the Military, and they will certainly be prominent this year.

2024s’ Dragon represents Health, the community, Agriculture and Food, all of which will be evident in one form or another throughout the year. It is also a time of property and feng shui will be extremely popular. On the subject of which, if you have had a feng shui consultation in the past, you will need to upgrade your feng shui in order to take advantage of this higher positive energy that is now available.

Politically, there are over 100 general elections globally this year. The Yang Wood signifies surprises as well as new beginnings and we can expect major refinements and clarification in law and policies. The justice system will also continue to be prominent around the world, whilst banking will undergo restrictions around April, but should be liquid from October onwards.

Medical developments in ophthalmology and eyewear as well as treatments of the heart, chest and shoulder will also advance.  

Weather-wise, suggests winds and cloudy skies will dominate our forecasts and the temperatures will be cooler as a result.

On the plus side being a Pioneering year it is good to do something positive in your life as you have the potential to exceed your expectations!

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