Top Feng Shui Tips on Looking After Your Water Fountain

Top Feng Shui Tips on Looking After Your Water Fountain

Water fountains are extremely important elements of Feng Shui and when placed correctly, activate beneficial energy, bringing abundance and wealth to your home or business. It is critical that water fountains are placed correctly, and a professional Feng Shui consultation will show you where the key activation points are in your space.

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Maintaining your Fountain

Once in place, your fountain needs care and attention, just like anything else in your home. Even if you use distilled or bottled water to top it up, a water feature can still get clogged and need regular cleaning.  So as a feng shui master consultant, I wanted to write this article to provide some top tips for looking after your water fountain to ensure it continues to work perfectly for years to come – and save you the expense of regularly replacing it.

Use Distilled or Filtered Water

  • Tap water contains lots of minerals and chemicals which could damage your fountain.
  • These could include sodium, chlorine, lead, potassium, and calcium which can lead to a build-up of limescale.
  • Therefore, it is much better to use distilled or filtered water which is pure and doesn’t contain any pollutants.

Add Some Cleaning Vinegar

  • White vinegar has been used for decades for all those cleaning jobs around the home. It works great as a natural rinse aid, glass cleaner, limescale remover, multi-surface cleaner, laundry softener, stain remover, and pet odour remover.
  • Vinegar also has some anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties which stop germs from building up in the water or on the fountain.
  • Add one or two tablespoons (more for larger fountains) to the water and let it do its work. Be sure to use unscented white vinegar, often sold as “cleaning vinegar”.

Keep it Clean

  • Make sure you give all surfaces of the pump a wipe-down on a regular basis.
  • This particularly applies to the pump, as a layer of grime can easily accumulate over time (but make sure you turn it off first). Limescale can also stain the surfaces if you use hard or tap water.
  • A soft sponge and soapy water are the best cleaning solutions.
  • It’s also worth keeping the pump running continuously as much as possible; frequently turning it on and off may cause the working parts to wear out more quickly.
  • Another myth is that pumps need to “breathe”. In fact, the pump should be completely submerged, and leaving parts of it exposed may cause it to dry up or burn out, reducing its lifespan.

Outdoor Fountains

  • Although fountains work best when situated inside your home, if this is not possible, they can also be located outside.
  • Again, to prolong its lifespan (and protect the health of any animals or birds that may be tempted to drink from it), ensure that the water is clean and pure.
  • It will also be more exposed to the elements than an indoor fountain, so make sure that it gets a routine clean and that the water is changed regularly. You may also have to remove feathers or bird droppings. Protect it in cold weather with insulation, and if the weather gets extremely cold, you may have to switch it off temporarily.  

Office Fountains

  • These can bring harmony to any workplace (or public space such as a restaurant) by creating a soft white noise that absorbs all the other noise in the room (in a similar way to plants).
  • Often, water fountains can be placed in reception areas (as well as the main office floor or boardroom/meeting room) as they provide a welcoming ambiance. However as mentioned above, it is critical that they are only placed here if the sector contains auspicious energy determined by a Feng Shui Consultation.
  • Workplace fountains can be much larger and more intricate than domestic indoor fountains, so they may need cleaning more regularly.
  • You will also need to establish who is responsible for its maintenance, ideally someone who understands the importance of Feng Shui and cleans the fountain with positive intentions.

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