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Feng Shui Blog - Go with the daily flow!


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It’s a Wood Horse day and as wood signifies amongst many other things the leg, how could we choose any other title for today’s blog? Mind you, the title means to help someone improve in a certain aspect of life and today it seems the universe is helping us all as it’s such an auspicious day.

Consequently, the Chinese almanac is positively grinning with its auspicious horseshoe symbol (also fitting) encompassing today’s recommendations. They are  meditating or honouring ancestors, asking for blessings, visiting friends, travelling, getting married, exchanging gifts, having an astrology reading, buying or making clothes, emigrating, opening a  business and trading, refurbishing a home or office, laying foundations, fixing a roofbuying or setting direction for your bed or oven and setting up a tombstone.

Find out if Wood Horse is part of your horoscope with our free Chinese horoscope. Although whatever your sign, you should see our Wood Horse web page below to see if you will win on the horses!

We will return tomorrow with a Wood Sheep day. Until then, enjoy moment of NOW!
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Today is a Wood Horse day in a Wood Horse month and two horses make a team. As far as wooden horses are concerned, probably the most famous apart from a childhood rocker, is the Trojan type. This was a huge horse left outside the gates of Troy as a supposed “gift from the Gods”. When the Trojans took it into their city, they then found that it contained Greek soldiers who opened the gates for the rest of the Greek army.

I doubt this is why the Chinese almanac suggests that the only suitable activities for today is to meditate, perhaps to reflect on grave matters and to decorate or repair walls, but it certainly fits, hence todays blog title.

Today’s harmonic is metal, suggesting inward cultivation or self-development hence the above meditation recommendation. The Lunar Mansion today also has a Stem and Branch, in this case Wood Monkey, and suggests any work done today will be rewarded, so it isn’t all bad.

It is a slightly better day tomorrow and better still on Friday.

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Also known as Jia Wu this Wood Horse day is extremely favourable, falling as it currently does in a Tiger month. It is also good in October – the Dog month the final member of this zodiac group.  Naturally, the Horse will be at the centre of attention probably unwanted owing to their shy nature. Nevertheless, they will be full of energy and may be racing to the finishing line all day. Meanwhile, Tiger signs can eat well and enjoy enhanced and an honourable quality of life, whilst the Dog needs to be careful of lip service.

The stem Jia is known as the “Commander on duty” and signifies a new heavenly cycle every time it appears.

The stem Jia is known as the “Commander on duty” and signifies a new heavenly cycle every time it appears.  As its element supports the animal sign it is known as “Heaven supporting Earth”.  If this was found in a Chinese horoscope it would indicate great expression or “being of service”.  It also indicates an extremely generous nature, so much so, that they may become poor, by giving it all away.

Famous Wood Horse people include Camilla Parker Bowles (day), Didier Barbelivien, Jackie Chan, Kevin Costner, Chris Evert,  Bernard Hinault, Nikita Khrushchev, Alfred Kinsey,  Annie Lennox, Jean Renoir, John Travolta, Anna Kournikova, and Natalie Portman.Today’s Chinese almanac lists most activities as favourable including meditating, asking for blessings, emigrating, taking a course, visiting friends, travelling, getting married, exchanging astrology charts, opening a business,  trading, laying foundations, setting up door, roof beam or fire. Hunting.

Rat signs are usually clashed but in spring this is normally neutralised. Their group colleagues of Monkey may have problems being overlooked, but the Dragon will remain unscathed, not unscaled. In fact, the Dragon has awesome power until March 5th and should do well in competitions, such as Oscar, Bafta and Brit awards. From the preliminary research I have done this seems to favour Jeff Bridges again, so I guess it a case of true Grit instead of True Brit!
Until tomorrow –  enjoy today!


We are normally one of the first to prepare your Chinese astrology 2014 or annual trends and have been quoted in many magazines and social media. However, this year we have been so busy with other work that this has had to take a back seat, so to speak. Yet, our hard won reputation is extremely important to us, as is your continued enjoyment of our web site. We will therefore add the overall tendencies and continue to develop this alongside our professional consultations and responsibilities. Consequently, you should bookmark us now and check back regular for new content.

2014 Wood Horse year

Every now and again we get an exceptional year and this Wood Horse year, should be just that. In the last few years we have had conflict between the element sign, such as last years Water and its animal sign—Snake, or 2012’s Water and Dragon, all generally pressurised and stressful periods. In fact we have to go back as far as 2006 to get a similarly beneficial year, yet this year should be even better as it marks a new start for society.

This comes in the form of kindness and generosity and according to yin and yang principles whenever an extreme is reached we always revert to the opposite state. Wood Horse will therefore help us to create a natural empathy enabling us to move from an “I” culture, as in “what do I get out of this?” to a “WE” community or group; where success is found from putting others needs before our own.

This new beginning will be felt throughout the world and will mark a major change in mankind’s evolution where we replace fragmentation with strength and unity. Now…I understand that this effect will take time to implement and as has been clearly stated this is only the start. So for those who want to know what kind of year they will have personally… please read on.

Wood Horse annual trends

Weather wise wind and heat will be prevalent and despite the recent deluges there may be water shortages at the end of the year.

Foot operated, pedal or leg power will also be in the news as will dance and sports—physiotherapists at FIFA’s World Cup in Brazil should pack extra bandages perhaps?  Music wise, expect new vocalists with outstanding or unusual voices to take the world stage. Meanwhile, biofuels may compete with food stuffs as farmers change their preferences. Sour and spicy flavours will be popular in food trends as will astringent vegetables.

Industry wise, building, construction, charities, marketing and legal services should fare well, and in the latter half of the year, chemicals, film, TV and the arts will become widely talked about. It is generally a good year for marriage or starting businesses.


Now if you are not sure which animal sign you have get a free Chinese horoscope and return to this page to see how your four Chinese animal signs will fare in 2014.  As you might expect being a Horse year, those with this sign will be very prominent and popular, which is just as well as this provides useful outlets for their excess energy during this period. Horse supports the Dog and Tiger and this provides power, recognition and increased status for the former and confidence and perhaps even prosperity for the latter. Sheep is also well supported and they should find very pleasant pastures ahead.

Conversely, Rat signs will experience change and a chance to correct either their path in life, relationships or even bad habits. If they feel overwhelmed the earth and metal elements will reduce most stress and help them to think more clearly. Monkey can also be affected and may find this a very powerful and highly rewarding year, although trying to keep all of the balls in the air at the same time, may prove problematic. They only need the earth element to balance, whilst Dragon signs which are the final part of the Chinese astrology group need only metal to action their many extra ideas.

Snake signs also benefit from the Horse influence as their plans develop, yet they do need to be careful of losing money. Rabbits are busy building and trying out new techniques or methods and may travel more in the latter part of the year than they expected. Roosters receive recognition and perhaps even well deserved promotion.
Those with the Chinese animal sign of the Pig, have just emerged from what may be a considered a difficult year. However, having cleared all of the chaff from their lives they move rapidly forward to a bright and prosperous future. Rat signs should feel this way in 2015. Lastly, Ox signs are full of energy and may benefit from the metal element should they need to relax.