Feng Shui News

Feng Shui News

Making a three storey house appear only as two storeys?

I must admit having been in Feng Shui for decades, I have not come across this concept before. It is not one that I have seen anywhere in Asia until now, and certainly not one that I use.

If I stretch my imagination, I can see why they would think three levels might be auspicious, as the ancient symbols called Trigrams signify the relationship respectively between Earth, Mankind and Heaven. Whilst burying part of the earth level would provide grounding, with a strong connection to nature as well as fate. Yet, we are just about to start a new cycle where both the 4th and 9th levels will be the most auspicious, so it’s a shame that they didn’t allow for that and make it future proof.

Three levels support the wood element and intensifies a clash between the buildings main materials; that of wooden cantilevers with exposed steel, which could get worse over time. However, glass can represent the balancing element of water, and this has been used extensively throughout the structure. No doubt to allow more light in as well as admire the lake immediately outside. We wish the occupants well in their new home. MORE

Feng shui smart apartmentThe shape of things to come?

A form of high tech small space living is unveiled in Hong Kong. Although, the storage spaces are useful the radiation from the built in smart devices, are not.

It also means sitting mostly on hard surfaces, yet, by adding upholstery foam as padding it could absorb some of the radiation. Carbon finishes would also do the same. See FB post and article.

Beautiful sounds or sounds beautiful?

 Bang and Olufsen have just collaborated with a top Thai designer to produce an artistic and colourful circular speaker called Beoplay A9.

The art looks great on a circular disk, but the legs look a bit awkward and energetically do not work unless you go for the Koi or the dark blue (water element) designs. However, you could choose any of the other designs from the range and just play “water music” through it, – that is piano music, rather than the song “Many Rivers to Cross”…