Feng Shui for Autumn – A Guide to Embracing the Cooler Months

Feng Shui for Autumn – A Guide to Embracing the Cooler Months

Autumn is now here, and many people find the transition from the warm, long summer days into darker nights and colder weather difficult. However, each season of the year in the UK has a purpose and Autumn and Winter are great times to start to move inwards and focus on quieter, more inward activities.

Autumn is traditionally the time of harvest, starting in September through to November. During these months, the weather cools down, the leaves drop from the trees and we start to crave warmer foods, snuggly home comforts and our focus moves back to inside projects. In Chinese astrology, this period spans the months of the Monkey, Rooster and Dog.

As I write this, we are now in the month of the Fire Dog, which may have been a month of conflict for many. This is probably due to the ongoing coronavirus and lockdown situation, at least here in the UK, creating an unknown and uncertain future.  Nevertheless, the fire of this month indicates brightness, positivity, and hope and if we add this to the highly compatible elements of this current Metal Rat year, we should see that everything is in a perfect and naturally balanced alignment. So how can the future be anything less than positive?

There is a great saying that the future is what you make it, and the more optimistic you feel the more you resonate and attract fortune and better things to you. Another saying is “going with the flow”, and to put this into context you need to know that in feng shui the water element of this year’s Rat represents fear when it is weak; as it was up until August 8th 2020 and confidence and bravery when strong… as it has been ever since then. This will peak over the next few months, which is exactly when we want and need it, as this will allow opportunities and good fortune to flow to us.

Then, on 7th November we enter the Yin Fire Pig month.

The transition from Yang Fire Dog to Yin Fire Pig is one of refinement where the yang concept is all encompassing, Yin is much more focused and easier to use. Specifically, we all graduate from hope and potential into practical and personal application, heralding a time of great change. We could also view this time of writing as taking action and putting our plans into place. Yin will then mean that they start to reach fulfilment from next month and provide an a very upbeat start.

The Fire of this month indicates seeing the deeper more spiritual aspects, including religion and faith. Yet, it also comes with a sense of humor perhaps making it more enjoyable, even inspiring as we start to cultivate and work towards the life that we would ultimately want to live.

Whilst the Pig in eastern culture is a symbol of wisdom, as well as love and blessings. It consists of the water element, which at this time of year indicates strength and being fearless. It also has a deeper element of wood signifying kindness, strategy and networking, meaning that if you do not know right now want you want to do for the future, you will at some point during this month. Not a bad start to new beginning is it?

Should you have a Pig in your Chinese astrology chart, and you can quickly and confidentially check just by adding your birth details into our free online Chinese horoscope compiler, then this month you could be the centre of attraction in at least one aspect of your life. It could also mean prosperity, travel, creativity, recognition and power but on the downside, it could mean becoming addicted to something, the best way to deal with this is ensure that this is something positive and thereby constructive.

It’s difficult to be exact as we all have practically unique Chinese astrology charts, however the one thing that I love about this form of horoscope is that you can always find some advice to at least help someone, and very often change their lives for the better.  This could be through “timing” as to when things would naturally happen, or what they could do within their living space to make them happen quicker. Of course, by adding feng shui once we know their energy profile, we can recommend how to transform their space into a nurturing and flourishing environment for them, their family and/or staff. All our services are available either online via a zoom conference, or on person visit. We even offer a special 15-minute trial consultation for just £70.00, which if we cannot tell you anything useful, and that you do now know we will refund your payment.

Using the Autumn to Your Advantage

Feng Shui can help you to enjoy every month of the year by optimising your home, energy, and outlook in the most positive way. As the nights draw in, in the lead up to winter it is the perfect time to review your plans for the future and complete projects ready for the new cycle of energy that begins in January.

If you made a vision board or wish list for 2020, now is a great time to revisit it. Although this has been an unusual year due to Worldwide events, it is beneficial to focus on the positives that you have personally got from it and the things you have achieved.

Perhaps you have reconnected with friends and family in new ways – and rekindled old connections. For some, work has been quieter this year, allowing them a much-needed rest. Maybe you have spent more time in nature and explored areas around your home that you used to rush past? Others have reported completing personal projects that had been put on hold for years and enjoying time focusing on their hobbies and children.

If you have had a difficult year due to extra pressure at work or home or are afraid and anxious about the future, then a Feng Shui consultation to reset your energies and improve your health, finances. career prospects relationships.  Consultations are carried out online via Zoom and can quickly help to turn things around. In a lot of cases, results from improving Feng Shui care almost immediate – and you can enjoy the last quarter of the year of the Rat with renewed energy and a positive and peaceful outlook. All you will require is an accurate floorplan, compass reading of the facing direction of your house and if possible, the year it was built in. This will be explained in detail when you book with me.

A consultation will look at what is happening in your life, how the yearly energies interact with your own and then what needs to be implemented to balance the energy. Cures will be suggested that are not only inexpensive, but also unobtrusive. A Master Feng Shui Consultant will never suggest adding tacky ornaments to your windowsills and hundreds of money plants! Instead, each area of your home will be balanced using colour, shapes, lighting and subtle symbolism. If you have problems in a key life area, that will be addressed by analysing that sector in detail – looking at how objects are positioned, the pictures, colours and elements in place and how these interplay with the energies of that sector. The finished result will be so subtle to anyone visiting that they won’t even see you have used the power of Feng Shui to turn your life around!

For more information and to book a Feng Shui Consultation, please call me for an informal chat.

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