Win a Free Business Consultation in London with Master Alan

Win a Free Business Consultation in London with Master Alan

On 4th February 2020 began a new 12-year cycle during which what we think about, and even how we think, becomes most important.

We are already seeing this in the latest YouTube trends of Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. ASMR is a calming, pleasurable feeling often accompanied by a tingling sensation. This tingle is energy, said to originate in the head and spread to the spine (and sometimes the limbs) in response to stimulation.

How to Turn Grey Matter into Unlimited Potential

Now imagine that you could inspire your staff with this same feeling? Perhaps transforming “grey matter” into unlimited potential.

Scientists now know that our surroundings and environment have the most influence on the way in which in which we grow, think and feel; something that Feng Shui has been working on for millennia. Quantum physics demonstrates that atoms – the stuff from which we are all made –  resonates with the outside world, creating our reality and subsequent effects.

Similarly, the atoms in your office environment affect you. If in a state of decay, productivity and morale will also deteriorate. However, in using Feng Shui, decay is balanced and in turn, transformed into something much more positive, allowing your staff to become inspired and achieve their goals.

Win a Free Business Consultation with Master Alan

Those who work in the most competitive businesses across the world know how important Feng Shui is but they may not tell you, preferring to keep the secret or power to themselves. Nevertheless, it does work and Feng Shui That Works is offering you a chance to win a free business consultation in Central London with Master Alan. Alan has global success working on everything from corporate, product and web design, to maximising both large and small office environments, property development and even city expansions.

Master Alan works directly with clients, project and design teams, and in partnership with third-party interior designers, architects and fit-out companies to create inspiring places to work, learn, rest and play.

He will bring some of his current Feng Shui students along and whilst they are learning how to become professional Feng Shui practitioners, he will show you how to improve efficiency, performance and sales, staff morale, teamwork and creativity, leading to better staff retention within your business and a higher quality experience for your customers or guests.

He will make simple and subtle recommendations that will enhance the vibrancy of your office to create a nurturing environment in which you and your staff can flourish. Private consultations are also available for £2,000 per day and the winner of this competition will have their consultation free.

How to Enter the Competition

If you would like to benefit from a free Feng Shui business consultation in London, all you have to do to enter the prize draw is to send your name in to and tell us in no less than 60 words why you would like to win. A full list of terms and conditions is available by following this link.

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