Fast Track Feng Shui

Fast Track Feng Shui

Have you ever felt you could be achieving more in your life? Especially currently, while things are not freely moving due to the current, although easing restrictions we are facing.

Whilst we can’t change what’s happening in the World, we can still manifest our desires, step by step, one day at a time, to gain everything we need. Our plans for this year do not have to be side tracked due to the changes we are facing. We can use this period as an opportunity.

For a lot of people, the break from the norm, has given them space to think and see what is important. I personally have loved watching nature coming closer, people reconnecting after years of not communicating, and a lot of people recovering from “burn out”. In addition, many of my clients are remembering lost dreams and taking action with Feng Shui to now achieve them.

On the other side of the coin, a lot of people have been scared, confused, and changed by what has happened. Some people have benefited enormously financially. Others have, or will have to restart / rethink / re-dream and temporarily found this time difficult. Often though, a period of change leads to something better than before.

So how can Feng Shui help to create your best life?


Has this period since we went into lockdown made you feel like you want to change career?

If so, now is the time to dream and then act. It is important to remember though, that thoughts do not manifest until you bring them into physical reality. This is where Feng Shui can help.

One great way to express your desires is to create a vision board or a wish list.

If this idea appeals to you, wish lists and vision boards are best positioned in the NW. Use your phone or a compass to measure from the centre of your home and determine where this is.

If you feel inspired to make a vision board, think about the rest of your life. If you laid on your death bed, what would you regret not having done? Vision boards can be created any way you like. Here is an example, from one of my clients. She made it by going through old magazines and selected things that resonated. You might prefer to keep it simple though. Draw, paint, express what you want going forwards – and it doesn’t have to be a work of art. The secret is to energise the changes you want to come.

This could also be put in the north or south, depending on how big your dreams are – north for short term experiences , south for long term acheivements.

These items, images, or symbols, need to create a feeling within you, so that whenever you walk past and see them you resonate successful emotions, which according to quantum physics make them happen. Just visualize doing, or experiencing your goals and the stronger the feelings the q1uicker they will happen. This is not magic, it is just feng shui energy dynamics or “quantum entanglement” where your thoughts are connected to your desired outcome that is at work here. It has always been so, but now you can take advantage of it, and see for yourself.

If your career is at risk, or you have been made redundant, the north, south and north west sectors can be worked on. For a small fee, I can give you specific recommendations based on your own specific energy or vibration and by subtle placement of objects in your home help get you to where you want to go. Feng Shui, meaning wind and water, combines time and space so I can even tell you when your desired results are likely to happen.

A consultation will help you clarify your goals, balance the energies in your home and put cures in place that reflect your career goals. Combined with Chinese Four Pillars astrology, I can give the best and times to take action, along with the elements you need to enhance your success.

We are as a World about to hit reset. It is an amazing time to choose your next path and make your work life happier and more rewarding.


A lot of people have found their primary partner relationship difficult during this time. If your relationship needs some tlc right now, the SW is the correct place to work on. Spending a lot more time with someone can be the best thing or highlight any issues. If your relationship has been challenged, and you want to save it, look at the SW sector of your home.

Is there a photo of you and your love one enjoying life together? What other symbolism and objects are there? Is it light and welcoming as a place to spend time together? Remember, the resonance we mentioned earlier, what thoughts do you and your loved one have in this space? Whatever is present will directly reflect the quality of your relationship.

Adding polished rose quartz can help if there have been pressure and arguments and will soothe the connection between you. Also adding photos, taken at happy times will lift the vibration and reconnect you.


Health is another reason many people come to a Feng Shui Master – and strong energy and a healthy immune system is more important now than ever.

A lot of people have recharged and strengthened during the last few months, while others have felt increased pressure – due to uncertainty, working long hours or isolation. Good health requires sleep as a primary component, as well as good management of stress.

Chinese astrology and Feng Shui can be used to enhance your sleep through using optimum colours and furniture placement, and can also enhance your ‘chi’ or life force whether your energy is too strong or too weak. With bedrooms we usually use the colour that relaxes your energy to slow your mind down. But what happens if you and your partner require different colours for this purpose? There is a solution! Just sleeping on the right colour pillow will help.

Suggestions during a consultation will also help to achieve better balance in your life through balancing your personal energies.

The Solution

Every day is a gift and we can get the most out of any period if we focus on the positives in life.
You can achieve great things right now, and I can help. Either join my webinar which starts in September or call/email me and I can create a personlised plan.

If you need help with your career, relationship, finances or any health, I can help. Feng Shui is deep and powerful and you will get immediate results when consulting a Feng Shui Master.

Contact me now by email or phone and I will explain the option that is best for you, depending on your requirements and budget. With even just one hour call we can create a plan to make your life the life you are wanting.

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