Feng Shui for Christmas – Guide to Auspicious Tree Decoration and Feng Shui Shopping Guide!

Feng Shui for Christmas – Guide to Auspicious Tree Decoration and Feng Shui Shopping Guide!

Feng Shui Advice for Christmas Tree Decoration

Despite the festivities there can sometimes be a lot of arguments over the Christmas period which when considered that the focal point of most of our homes… is a Christmas tree in chaos!

Feng Shui deals with symbolism as well as the harmonious flow of energy through what is known as the “five elements”. This describes a natural Christmas tree as being of the wood element with a fire shape, it is then decorated with many lights – making it even stronger fire, so far so good. However, problems arise when we fill it full of tinsel, baubles, and rounded shapes, as well as white, grey or metallic colours as this makes a destructive cycle and promotes chaos, instead of joy.

This occurs as fire is a call to action and creates a lot of activity, which can either be physical or verbal. Conversely, the metal element signifies inner peace or tranquillity and arguments will normally begin as a result of one of these polar opposites. Yet, it doesn’t have to be so, if we just added the earth element which allows energy to flow and brings harmony by uniting fire and metal elements. This can be done very subtly by adding square or rectangular shaped tree ornaments, or by selective use of yellow, beige, brown, cream, or terracotta colours to your normal tree decorations. If using artificial trees use flowing shapes or dark blue or purple colours instead, or choose an undulating or ripple theme for your tinsel.

Where to Position Your Christmas Tree

Of course as Feng Shui deals with the correct placement of everything in an environment, generally speaking natural Christmas trees are better located in the north, east, southeast and south of your home. Whilst artificial tress especially metallic coloured ones, are best in the southwest, west, northwest and northeast.

Feng Shui Guide to Present Shopping Using Chinese Astrology!

Of course what you put underneath the tree is important too, and you can use Chinese astrology to find the perfect Christmas present for your loved ones. In actuality you can do this for anyone as long as you know their date of birth. Simply add their details into our free Chinese horoscope at then note the top line of the Day Pillar. In the example shown left this is +Wood Jia, make a note of whatever you get. Then look at line 3, which will tell you the element of the animal sign found at line 2 of your Day pillar. Our example has +Earth as the element of the Dog.

Now use the 5 element cycle shown right to locate the elements that you just found on lines 1 & 3. In our example this was WOOD and EARTH. Ideally, we need elements next to each other so we will choose a present that corresponds to the fire element, what will you choose? Our energy themed elements are shown below.

Alternatively, and to simplify matters, you could just choose the element at line 1 for your present and that would be better suited to your loves ones energy or qi than just guessing. In our example we would therefore choose WOOD from the following elemental themes. You should know that everything in our world corresponds to one or more of these five elements and below is a general list to some of the most popular themes suitable for presents.

The guide below shows present ideas based on the element that your loved one needs to balance them:

Water element corresponds to travel and transport, communications, time, sex, glass or anything electrical and anything black or dark blue.

Wood element has learning, charity, strategic planning (diary), board games, flowers or anything made of wood or green or light blue.

Fire is anything relating to sports, being active, beauty, the arts, lights or anything that reflects it. warm colours.

Earth is the health and food element, especially chocolate / sweets but also includes touch such as massage, as well as property and real estate. Cream, beige, brown, yellow terracotta colours.

Metal signifies memory, management and organisation, jewellery, cars and bikes, vocals, or anything white, grey or metallic coloured.

How to Survive Christmas Alone

If you are alone for Christmas add extra cushions to your left side when sitting on a sofa, or pillows along your left side when sleeping in a bed as this will balance your energy. If you have to drive-obviously responsibly, you can roll the left seat forward and you will feel more comfortable and assured.

However, you spend your Christmas we hope it is an enjoyable and peaceful time for you and your loved ones.

Happy Christmas!


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