Chinese Astrology: The Golden Rat Year - No Time for Doubt, Only Ingenuity and Adventure!

Chinese Astrology: The Golden Rat Year - No Time for Doubt, Only Ingenuity and Adventure!

From 11:03 GMT/UTC on 4th February 2020 the Sun will start a new solar cycle and the year of the Metal Rat will truly start. The recent New Year celebration were for the lunar cycle only, but this solar cycle is the one that affects not only our homes and offices, but all of us too.

In terms of Chinese astrology and Feng Shui it means the end of the previous year of Earth Pig, with all of its restrictions, conflicts and worldwide demonstrations, and the start of what should be peace; and a “golden era” which begins with the Golden (refined and precious) Rat.

As the UK has just left the EU, it enters the unknown, yet, elementally in terms of energy it can become the pioneer of the Golden Era ahead. This is due to the Metal and Water elements of the Metal Rat signifying creativity, output and wealth potential for the UK. No wonder then that it is receiving huge investments from overseas and international companies such as Goldman Sachs’s new £1 billion London headquarters. Yet, this is no time for doubt – only ingenuity and adventure, a time to plan well, achieve, and most of all to flourish.

The metal influence of this year represents many things of many levels, such as taking responsibility for our environment, lifestyle and wellness, hence Feng Shui will be extremely popular.

Metal also represents the mind, and particularly memory and when we add the Rat’s element of water this should mean society remembering our past mistakes and going forward in a more sensitive and positive way. Consequently, 2020 should be a time of great investment and support, especially from powerful people and even governments. It should be a time of order and good management that should help us all excel. Being the start of another new decade and 12-year cycle, it will be a time of developing infrastructure.

The metal element also represents the services and the medical profession which as we begin this new period is under duress dealing with the latest global emergency of the Coronavirus. Interestingly, this disease is also known as “Snake flu” and Snakes signs were in conflict during this time. Yet a positive aspect of this year’s influence is that the Rat signifies communications and being highly compatible with metal, means that medical authorities will continue to work cooperatively together, to contain and treat this epidemic. It seems that the harmony and unity of this year is already working in this regard.

Medical developments such as augmentation and implants will become prominent and both robotics and, owing to developments made this year in AI – Artificial Intelligence – will become mainstream from this decade onwards.

Speech, language and communications will also improve, along with smell and hearing, so you can expect new refined enhancements or products to become available. On the downside the elements of this year can also potentially mean absorbing radiation as well as the roll out of “smart technology” affecting our lives.

Along with the medical services, the military will also come to the fore and we already have the creation of the new independent United States Space Force. We should also find that police forces around the world develop new procedures and techniques too. Fire services will gain more power and resources, whilst lifeguards may have a busy time.

Weather-wise the temperatures should be cooler, but, owing, to the global average temperature increasing, this will probably lead to heavier rainfall and flooding. This will certainly be true in the second half of the year. Regardless, you can expect Cold Water Therapy to become more popular.

Metal also represents inner development and keeping things private and contained, and on the subject of stealth there should be a great new Bond film later this year. It is also a good time to choose his replacement, assuming Daniel Craig wishes to stand down.

Actually, Daniel was born under the Monkey influence, which is a favourable sign this year and although competitive for him, it also means new beginnings. This new start also applies to anyone else born under this sign.

If you are not sure which Chinese astrology signs you have, you can get a free chart from the Feng Shui Institute, an international resource website for the development of traditional Chinese Feng Shui. See


As it is a Rat year if you were born in a previous Rat year as Kenneth Branagh, Dido, Daryl Hannah, Amy Lee, Ricky Martin, Sienna Miller, Britney Spears and Kiefer Sutherland were, then you will be occupied by your home and local environment. Maybe your tendency to collect things is becoming overwhelming?  You may also want to find out more about your lineage and develop your family tree. You should also find that you have friends in high places, and you may stand out in a crowd this year.

Dragon, Sheep, Dog and Ox Signs

Those with these signs may enjoy a similar fate to that of the UK mentioned earlier – they might move home, find new relationships, become extremely creative and inventive and have the potential to make a lot of money. This is especially true as the best and most vibrant energy is found in the UK’s direction this year and in terms of “superpositioning” in our homes and offices too.

Horse and Snake Signs

The Horse has a year of major changes ahead. They also have a lot of power and recognition coming and this will help them put their lives into a better perspective. They will definitely find planning ahead for any eventuality will help them deal with unexpected pressure that may occur. Health wise they need to be careful of their heart and kidneys and it’s a good time to have their eyes checked.

Snakes signs may develop new-found ambitions this year especially as a result of promotion, respect and the recognition that they deserve from having survived last year’s major changes. Females with this sign may find new relationships and even marriage prospects enhanced. However, they need to be careful of any legal issues that may arise and making sure their insurance policies are up to date will help prevent losses.

Monkey and Rooster

Monkeys may have a year of abundance ahead and this will probably help to move or travel to pastures new. These together with Dragon signs are said to be one of the luckiest signs this year.

Monkeys and Roosters both have new levels of creativity, and their opinions will be very influential and sought after during this period. It is also a good time to take and pass exams.

Tiger, Rabbit and Pig

These signs should find new levels of vibrancy this year and it is generally a good time to seek advice or counselling as they are well supported. This will help Rabbits deal with what might be punishing schedules or commitments and they should remember that things normally work out in the end, even though matters might seem impossible at times.

Pigs may have been under the spotlight last year, but now is the time they can enjoy the improvements and changes made then. They are also well supported, with higher energy levels compared to last year.

This year heralds a new 12-year period of major change that will affect all societies and therefore all of us, everywhere. You can take advantage of these new influences by having a Feng Shui consultation with a personal in-depth Chinese astrology reading to define which specific energy will help you find fulfilment, happiness and success in all you do.

Once found this element can be easily placed within your environment in terms of location, fixtures and fittings, to create a nurturing and unique space where you and your family can thrive.

Additionally it can also be used in your office to help your business and staff excel, as well as provide specific product advice to help you get ahead of the new design trends that will come through this year. We also have an upcoming workshop at Regent’s University London, which can also teach you how to organise offices and commercial environments professionally.

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