Historical Timing - Carrot and Stick!

Historical Timing - Carrot and Stick!

Jeremy Corbyn Chinese Astrology ChartFeng Shui astrology is probably the only form of astrology that allows you to cure “bad luck” or a downward trend in success. It does this by balancing clashes using what is known as the 5 elements, the Chinese system of classifying energy. As everything is made of energy or occurs as a result of it, literally all can be matched to an element. A perfect example of this is the massive defeat of Jeremy Corbyn in the 2019 election results.

Jeremy was born on 26 May 1949 at 8pm, or more interestingly a Fire Dragon day, in an Earth Snake month of an Earth Ox Year. Upon adjusting the hour for BST and latitude / longitude, it becomes a Fire Rooster hour and this makes a huge and rare alignment of the metal element which signifies government and politics, so what went wrong?

Around Valentine’s Day 2016 he entered a 10-year luck cycle that made a complete clash in his private life and his way of thinking. This saw a time when his worst fears and doubts should came to the fore to be purged in preparation for a new phase of life. Had he consulted a feng shui master he would have been told that he needed the wood element to balance a clash and gain success.

Although the clash of Yang Water to Dog to his Yang Fire Dragon denotes power for the first five years—until 2021, without the wood element signifying strategy, proper planning and sticking to them, he came under immediate pressure. Moreover, the huge metal influence in his chart brought more pressure to bear particular from the public and fellow politicians. Yet utilising the wood element, which can be as simple as wearing any green or light blue coloured clothing—even pin-striped suits could have made all the difference.

Boris Johnson Chinese Astrology ChartSomething Jeremy had in common with Boris, was that both had a clash at election time. Jeremy had an additional clash with the annual sign of Pig, and Boris has a clash in December which also needs wood to balance. The difference between them is that Boris has the wood element in his current 10-year cycle, he also has a partial wood alignment which is completed by the Rabbit sign, whose influence occurs daily from 5—7am and would have a huge soothing and stabilising effect. Did this bring him a sigh of relief?  It is also interesting to note that his chief advisor Dominic Cummings, has an abundance of this wood element, which has earned him the reputation of being a Master of strategy.

Dominic Cummings Chinese Astrology ChartFinally, Boris is about to enter his next 10-year cycle on 24th December 2019, as well as signifying new beginnings for both him and the United kingdom, it brings huge support and great advice. it’s the best place to be for future negotiations.

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