Feng Shui Master Consultations: The Benefits of Meeting Alan Face to Face

Feng Shui Master Consultations: The Benefits of Meeting Alan Face to Face

Feng Shui Master Alan Stirling has conducted thousands of remote consultations with clients across the world, but there are a lot of advantages to face to face contact with this highly experienced expert. You will be able to feel the benefits of his advice within seconds, in both your home and office environments.

The Personal Experience of Feng Shui

Although Feng Shui consultations can be conducted remotely by video conferencing, it is the personal experience of how and what you are feeling that can make a huge difference in terms of results.

The more we experience decaying and negative energy, the more we become numb to it and try to block it out. As online consultations are based on the information you supply, you can sometimes overlook what you may consider as simple or slight issues that can make a huge impact on your overall performance and fulfilment.

In addition, due to huge electro-magnetic influences, compass bearings can be up to 13 degrees off when taken with your phone app when it comes to finding the exact alignment of the front of your building. This can have a huge detrimental effect and could mean that results either take longer to achieve, or they do not happen at all. It is far better to have a Feng Shui home consultation.

Additionally, while taking a compass bearing for you, Feng Shui Master Alan will also analyse your immediate environment to see the effect that it has on your life, and that of your family. In many instances, the problems you are experiencing in your life can very often be found outside your home and office, and without decades of Feng Shui experience you can easily overlook these.

How Feng Shui Works

After taking the compass bearing charts and creating the formulations, all the findings are verified and discussed with you, so that you can see that Alan truly understands your problems.

As everything is made of energy, Feng Shui consultant Alan will then review your ‘personal chemistry’ via Chinese astrology to see whether these issues are caused by a phase in your life, or they have been created by your environment.

Whatever the cause, he will make simple, subtle recommendations with you that will bring your life and environment into harmony.  Once discussed, we can then review your aspirations and goals to see when they can or might happen, and if not ideal, what can be done around your home or life to bring these to fruition sooner.

Life recommendations can involve quality of sleep, relationships, diet, general interests, and even your profession or vocation. Job satisfaction and fulfilment comes from following those professions that best suit our hidden talents and abilities, and Feng Shui Master Alan will advise you about all of these.

Feng Shui Home Consultations

Feng Shui home consultations are conducted by walking around your space together, where Alan will tell you from the position of your furniture, together with the textures, colours and shapes of your fixtures and fittings, what is already happening in your life. Most importantly, he will then tell you what you do to change things for the better and achieve both happiness and fulfilment.  This usually only involves minor changes and rearranging without the need to purchase expensive new items.

Interestingly, when all recommendations are made it creates a nurturing environment in which you, your family and staff can all thrive.  It is usually at this point that clients tell their family and friends about their extraordinary experience in uncovering and balancing the hidden influences that seriously affect our everyday lives.

Alan Stirling – a Feng Shui Master Consultant and Teacher

Alan Stirling is an accredited Fellow of the Feng Shui Institute and highly recommended Master Consultant who offers face to face consultations both in the UK and around the world. He will help you to think more clearly, make better life decisions and help you create the perfect nurturing atmosphere to improve your health, wealth, love and success both in the home and at work. Contact him for a free quote here.

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