The SECRETS of Success

The SECRETS of Success

Feng Shui works with energy and is why it can be applied to literally everything we do. As everything in our world is affected and produced by energy, all you have to do to achieve success is have a sufficiently regular supply. Of course, as we are all different, we each get different effects and reactions from the energy we receive. Yet a Feng Shui consultation can distinguish between these reactions and find the “success” element from your own personal chemistry.

As energy changes over time, whenever you receive this special influence, you will achieve success; that is as long as the energy can freely flow around your home or office. It always has done so, and during a consultation we can tell you exactly when that was, and when you will naturally be successful again.

So success really comes down to time and circumstances, which is totally reliant on opportunity and environment and how they affect your performance. Once you receive the proper success element your metabolism and senses operate at optimal levels and you can make better decisions and manage your life or business at maximum efficiency. Of course, you also feel great, being both inspired and creative and this makes your energy resonate with the outside world to create even more opportunities.  I am doing that right now, and as a result you are reading and responding to this article.

So let me cut to the chase. We can help your business and quality of life recover and tell you when you will naturally find success. If it is not immediate, we can make changes in your home to bring it forward, recommending the best location to naturally absorb your own “success element”. It can be further enhanced by an exact practical alignment in your own space. Moreover, supply us with a scaled floorplan, the approximate age of the building and the direction it faces, and we can tell you how your home or office has affected you since you began living or working there.

Whilst this is reassuring, more importantly we can advise you on how to maximise your success continuously for the foreseeable future, allowing you to cultivate this unseen advantage and maximise results in any competitive market. This is why Feng Shui has been adopted by banks, financial institutions, and most highly competitive working environments around the world. It could help you too!

We use Chinese astrology readings to find your “success” element, as well as to make recommendations on any aspect of life; from health, wealth, and relationships, to where and when to find opportunities. We can even tell you how to nullify or transform so-called “bad luck” into much more positive results.

To help restore losses and return your business to where it should be, we are offering a one-hour Feng Shui consultation, inclusive of your Chinese astrology and home analysis (with or without a floorplan) for just £250 instead of £500. You will also receive a free video recording of the online consultation to download and refer to in future.

We are so convinced that this is such an empowering and worthwhile experience, we are also offering a 15-minute one-to-one consultation for just £60, after which you may carry on and pay the balance of £190 to complete the first hour. You can of course, have multiple hours at this or any other time at the same cost per hour. Just book your slot here.

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