New Shoots Are Rising – An Optimistic Time

New Shoots Are Rising – An Optimistic Time

We recently entered the month of the Yin metal Rabbit. This time is not only the beginning of spring, but also a positive alignment of energies with the Yin metal of the year. As this metal exactly matches the element for the whole year, it creates opportunities right now that can help you best manage your life, career and even business. Consequently, it is time to take actions that could bring results for months and years to come.

What do you envisage for your future?

A lot of people are currently reviewing their lives, in order to gain more happiness and time for personal interests. So, how can Feng Shui help?

A key part of a Feng Shui consultation is to help you look at your life and what you want to achieve next. Through a combination of discussion and astrological analysis, I can help you clarify your goals and the steps you can take to achieve them.

My Four Pillars astrology reports can show you when timing is good for any proposed plans. Feng Shui changes – often subtle adjustments to areas of your home, can harmonise discordance, and amplify progress.

You will be amazed at how quickly things can change when your environment is subtly enhanced. It will both balance the energies that are present there, enhance health & wealth and reflect the life that you want – drawing it to you. The art of true Feng Shui is to make changes that are so natural and appropriate that no one can see them except you.

Key Areas I Can Help With:

Career / Life Path

Now is the time to reconnect to your passion and pursue the life you want. The first and most important step is deciding what that looks and feels like. While many have been working from home in the last year, or managing businesses with less staff and customer interaction, we have been able to see what is important to us. A good quality of life has become the number one priority for a lot of people.

It is possible now to make creative changes in your work life or start a new business in your field of expertise. The world is opening up again and there are lots of opportunities to grow. Plan your own road map and plant new seeds: they will bring results for years to come.

I can help you clarify your vision if needed. Or, if you know your goals already, apply the power of Feng Shui to make simple enhancements to open your path, gain more personal recognition and attract the right people. You will find the results are almost immediate – allowing you to take the next steps that move you forwards.


The recent time has had an impact on personal relationships, with some growing stronger and some apart. Whether you wish to improve your existing relationship or find new love Feng Shui can help.

As well as analysing your home, in particular the South West, and enhancing positive imagery there, your astrological reading will show you the best dates to have important conversations or go out on dates. Working with supporting energies makes life flow so much easier. You can find out the best times for any type of relationship development, so you get the results you want.


Good health often stems from a balanced, happy life. But if stress is taking its toll, or a lack of sleep, or more serious condition has presented, wellbeing can be supported by changes to the environment. Sometimes sleep issues are caused by over stimulation, in which colours can be used to calm the person’s energy, based on their astrological profile. If stress or emotional factors need resolving, the wholistic approach of Feng Shui would look to address and improve the root cause. Balancing a person’s environment to create more peace and harmony – and aligning it for their good, will always help in any health issues.

On a more technical level, each house has mountain stars which represent storing energy and equally good health. Supporting this star, if needed, can make long term improvements to the health of the household.


Money is energy that allows you to do what you want. What we want is enough money and more to be able to do and have what we want. If this is lacking, it can be easily improved through Feng Shui advice and practical action. Using the date your property was built and the facing direction, I can advise on ways to enhance the auspicious water stars. We can also look at practical ways to create better income streams, through promotion, change of job or new business ventures.

Whatever your goals – Feng Shui can help improve your life and make you create a more successful future. Contact me now for more information on booking a consultation.

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