Chinese New Year 2021

Chinese New Year 2021

People all over the world will celebrate the New Chinese Year of Metal Ox from tomorrow 12th February 2021. This is a great year for hard work, determination and establishing new work techniques that could lead to great success. It will also be a time of justice, righting wrongs, and finding balance and equality in our lives.

Chinese Astrology

The New Year is a great time to look ahead and plan for upcoming 12 months. Click here for a general guide to how each of the 12 animal signs will fare during the Yin Metal Ox year. You will see that people with Ox, Snake and Rooster in their charts are particularly favoured during this time, although it is a beneficial year for all animal signs in different ways. For a more detailed, personalised prediction, and a guide to each month in turn – why not book an online Four Pillars of Destiny Astrological Reading? This will give you the insight you need to seize all of the opportunities available to you this year and help you to go with the flow rather than against it!

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Flying Star Changes

Each year, along with the astrological changes, the energy in our homes and offices shifts as well, due to the movement of the flying stars. Therefore, the cures you had in place last year will need subtly refining before the 3rd Feb to assist in balancing the new energies coming in.

In particular this coming year you need to be aware of the SE and the North sectors of your home or office, where the 5 (disaster) and 2 (sickness) annual stars will be located respectively. Also important are the West and North East, where the 8 (current wealth) and 9 (future wealth) stars reside. Cures to drain the 5 and 2 stars may be required, depending on which palace they fall in and the other stars there. Similarly, enhancements can be added to the West and North East boost your current and future wealth prospects.

Other sectors may also need small adjustments making to balance the energies of the star combinations for a year filled with harmony, career advancement peace and good health and relationships. With just a few inexpensive enhancements, positioned correctly according to the facing direction of your home, you can make 2021 your best year yet!

If you would like some help with your home or business Feng Shui – click here for more information and to book a remote consultation!

Preparing for the Chinese New Year

It is highly beneficial to prepare for the new cycle of energy that starts each February. Giving your home a really good clean helps to let go of the previous years’ energy. In addition, tending to any clutter – whether it is physical, emotional, mental or spiritual ensures that all loose ends are dealt with and you can start the new cycle with a clear slate.

It is also good to pay back any debts, stock up your cupboards and fill your wallet – to symbolise a year of abundance in all areas of your life.

The Chinese like to eat fish on the eve of the New Year – as the word fish in Chinese is the same as plenty. They also observe the ancient tradition of giving red envelopes containing money to children and unmarried adults, to symbolise good fortune in the coming year.

Click here for more information on Chinese New Year customs and traditions!

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