The Metal Tiger Month of February 2021

The Metal Tiger Month of February 2021

Take charge of your life with UNIQUE time and space Feng Shui

According to Feng Shui principles, we can use certain parts of our homes to improve our standard of living, whether it is emotionally, physically, or mentally and includes confidence and wellbeing, fitness, and agility, as well as success and fulfilment from our business or career.

The problem has been that in the modern home, the northern sector (when measured from the centre of your space) has been hampered by modern decoration of neutral colours and square or rectangular fixtures and fittings. However, as from 3rd February, the energy of the Metal Tiger month releases and restores this space for everyone, meaning that we can all now begin to reclaim and restore quality and success in our lives. All we have to do is prioritise what we want the absolute most and place a symbol of this, in the northern part of our space.  Of course, as from tomorrow, whatever is already there will also be activated and potentially impact on your life, so you might want to remove any clutter or detrimental items before then.

Now, this is the part that determines the level of success that you might expect to receive. You should place something that will spark a positive emotion every time you see or experience it. This will then create a resonance from you that will affect your environment in a positive manner and through the scientific process of “quantum entanglement”, create an effect in the outside world to help create your chosen goal.

The more energy and concentration you put in… the bigger the success. Perhaps this is what enables some people to exceed more than others?

If appropriate, this is also the ideal place for a “vision board”, but you must react emotionally and mentally with it by imagining what the effects of your chosen goals would feel like when you get to experience them. If this seems daunting do not worry, the unique energy of this month will give you the drive and inspiration in this space to make beneficial changes in your life.

If you are already creative, you will be pleased to note that the northern part of your home spans across 45º degrees, with 0º being directly in the middle when measured from the centre of your home. This means that you can place more than one focal point if needed.

This is a great and natural time to start making changes to your life and the good news is that this effect will last until the 5th April 2021. This will also work for everyone, so please try it out, and even share this someone you think would benefit from some positive thoughts and practices over the next couple of months. After this you might need a Feng Shui consultation, but perhaps you would like one anyway to see what else Feng Shui can do?

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