Chinese Astrology Predictions For 2021 - Metal Ox Year

Chinese Astrology Predictions For 2021 - Metal Ox Year

Golden Ox – Plough Through To Success

From 13:15 GMT/UTC on 3rd February 2021 The Sun will start a new solar cycle and the year of the Metal Ox will truly start. This is a little-known secret as the actual New Year celebration is based on the lunar cycle and will occur 9 days later on 12th February. The solar cycle is the one that actually affects not only our homes and offices, but all of us too.

In terms of Chinese astrology and feng shui it means the end of the previous year of Metal Rat, with all of its restrictions, conflicts and worldwide demonstrations, and the continuation of what should be peace; with a “golden era” of prosperity developing throughout this Metal Ox year.

The metal influence of this year represents many things of many levels, such as taking responsibility for our environment, lifestyle, and wellness, hence feng shui will be extremely popular.

Metal also represents the mind, and in this instance will be both refinement and focus. This particular type of metal is associated with “Harvest” and hopefully with the previous influences will lead to success in all of our endeavours, as well as peace and harmony.

We can expect major refinements and clarification in law and policies and the justice system will be prominent around the world.

Small metal devices and transport vehicles will see major advances, as will space and science. AI – Artificial Intelligence, will continue its development throughout this year and decade onwards.

Medical developments in dentistry, skin, spleen, hips, belly, and feet will also be prominent. Perhaps the biggest breakthroughs will come through in cell biology and the Human Genome.

Speech, language, and communications will also improve. As will smell and hearing and you can expect new refined enhancements or products to become available. On the downside the elements of this year can also potentially mean absorbing radiation as well as the roll out of “smart technology” affecting our lives.

Along with the medical services, the military will also come to the fore and we already have the creation of the new United States Space Force. We should also find that Police forces around the world develop new procedures and techniques too. Fire services will gain more power and resources, whilst lifeguards may have a busy time.

Weather wise suggests the temperatures should be cooler, but owing to the global average temperature increasing, this will probably lead to heavier rainfall and flooding, certainly in the second half of the year.

Metal also represents inner development and keeping things private and contained, next year will be the opposite when all will be concerned with everything external.

Chinese Astrology Personal Predictions

Contrary to popular belief, there are actually four animals in a Chinese astrology chart, not just one for your year of birth. We also have Chinese animal zodiac signs for our day, month and the time of birth. If this is news to you, you can get a free Chinese astrology chart called the Four Pillars of Destiny Chart, then return to this page to see how your four Chinese animal signs will fare this year.

Do You Have A Metal Ox In Your Chinese Horoscope?

If you have a Metal Ox in your Chinese horoscope, particular as your day of birth, it denotes strength, confidence, being resourceful and creative which should lead to abundance and you should be both vibrant and successful in most endeavours. If not, feng shui will help you to incorporate this influence into your life. if you were born in a year ending in 1, such as 1991 then you will have Yin Metal in your chart, and if born from January 5th to February 4th you will have an Ox. Now that you have this information, let us see what the natural trends and tendencies for 2021 will be based on these Chinese Animal zodiac signs.

Personal Predictions Of Your Chinese Zodiac Sign


Being an Ox year, if you were born in a previous Ox year as Rudyard Kipling, Charlie Chaplin, Vincent van Gogh, and Louis Armstrong, as well as many historical statesmen and leaders were, then you will be occupied by your home and local environment this year. It will also be a very prosperous year and you will probably travel or move home at some point this year. It can also be a highly creative period, particularly if you make things that you can sell. Otherwise, you can just relax and leave things to chance as long as you respond when opportunities arise.


These signs should have a lot of power and recognition this year and is especially good for relationships and business partnerships. They will have a lot of energy and will be especially lucky in getting proper advice and support.

Tiger And Rabbit

Excellent wealth potential and opportunities will find you this year, and it is a good year to take charge and manage your life. After a year of torments and niggles Rabbits should find peace at last and will enjoy getting their own way, instead of having to wait for others to catch up.

Dragon, Sheep, And Dog Signs

Might move home, find new friendships especially when they travel and be generally quite creative in the first half of the year. Dog signs see their long-term plans coming to fruition, whilst Dragon signs get a chance to correct and alter their plans which should bring greater success. The Sheep or Goats will clash with the Ox and have the biggest and most vibrant change this year, for them it is a case of either “going big” and upscaling their enterprises or endeavours, or “going home” and starting something new. They should be careful with their diet and stick to foods they are used to.

Snake And Rooster Signs

Snake and Rooster signs are particularly favoured this year as they are highly compatible with the Ox, to the extent that they have a special time each day namely between Snakes from 5 pm – 7 pm, and Roosters from 9 am – 11 am, when they should be able to achieve great success. This could be financial, recognition and appreciation, creativity, or the chance to start a new relationship. What more could you want? Well, generally, you should enjoy great freedom of choice and enhanced quality of life. Rooster should also enjoy prosperity throughout the year.


Horse signs probably saw major changes last year and will be glad to know that this is a much smoother and peaceful year for them. It is particularly good for investing, especially in property, and from March onwards you should be in a very positive position. The biggest results come from applying new techniques and practices, for example WFH.


Monkeys may have a vibrant year ahead where they should be able to take charge and better manage their lives. They will be in an excellent position to get the best advice or treatment for whatever they need. This will help with competition later in the year as it will spur you on to greater results.


You should have made a lot of personal advances in your life last year, and this year should be a very powerful time for you. You can also enjoy well placed support, so follow your heart wherever it takes you and if you need assistance it will be there for you. It should be quite an inspiring period, so think as big as you can, then plan and implement how to get there.

This form of Chinese astrology is incredibly accurate with almost 13 million variations its impossible to give specific advice without seeing your whole chart. However, we would like to help you make the most of this year and provide as much information as we can, free of charge. You will find this information with the Four Pillars Of Destiny and follow the free advice found throughout this site.

Alternatively, you can book a Professional Feng Shui Consultation.

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