Feng Shui Consultations with Chinese Astrology Readings: How to Have Your Best Year Ever in 2021!

Feng Shui Consultations with Chinese Astrology Readings: How to Have Your Best Year Ever in 2021!

If you have ever thought about having a Feng Shui consultation or Chinese Astrology reading, there is no better time than now! The Chinese year starts at the beginning of February and this is when the annual energies change. So, it is ideal to put cures in place for 2021, towards the end of January, so you are ready to welcome in the new year energy.

Nearing the End of the Year of the Rat

2020 was the year of the metal Rat, a year of new beginnings which started with doubts and fears but finishes with hope for a brighter future.  We should have enjoyed and experienced a sense of unity and cooperation, where quality of life was brought to the fore as well as an understanding of just how important our home environments is on our success and wellbeing.

Looking Forward to the Year of the Ox

On February 4th, we move into the metal Ox year – which is great for hard work, determination, establishing new work techniques that could lead to great success. It will be a time of justice, righting wrongs, and finding balance and quality in our lives.

So How Can a Feng Shui Consultation Help You?

A Feng Shui consultation involves aligning the energies in your home with what you want to achieve in your life. A consultation typically starts by looking at what the year ahead holds for you, astrologically, and how you can best balance the year’s energy to support your own.

For example, every year has an animal sign associated with it, as well as an element. These will in some years interact harmoniously with your own Four Pillars Chinese Astrology chart, and in other years, create clashes that instigate change. When you know in advance how the upcoming year and each month individually will interact with your chart, you will have the knowledge and insight to know where and when best to direct your efforts and as a result, always be in the right place at the right time!

Whether you want more wealth, improved health, a new or happier relationship – or want to get out of a career rut, make new friends or just have more excitement in life – Feng Shui can help.


In traditional Chinese Feng Shui, wealth is increased by activating the water stars in your home. By applying real, flowing water to the correct sector of your house or business, new opportunities will flow easily to you for increased financial income and prosperity.

Wealth can also be enhanced by working with sectors of the bagua. For example, the career sector may need re-energising to get a better paid job or improved business prospects. Your recognition sector can be activated to make you, your CV or your business stand out and be noticed by the right people. Helpful people can be attracted to bring opportunities and contacts your way. The key is to work out what you wish to achieve and then enhance all the supporting sectors to ensure your plans blossom.

If wealth or career prospects have frustrated you this year, take steps now to achieve a fulfilling and prosperous 2021!


Good health is the cornerstone to a happy life, and when we have it, everything else can be attained. Feng Shui primarily helps to balance a home, reducing stress and feelings of disharmony. Colour is used to help create restful bedrooms according to your individual energetic profile. In bedrooms, where two people often share the space and have very different energies, simple techniques can be used to harmonise the space, ensuring both partners sleep well.

In addition, the Flying Stars throughout each sector of the home will be balanced to avoid health problems for any member of the family. The health or ‘mountain’ star of the current period will be supported to enhance your whole family’s health.

A consultation will also look at environmental factors such as Geopathic Stress and electro magnetic fields to ensure there are no detrimental energies that are harmful to the life of you, your family and your pets.

If you have suffered with health issues in 2020, make this your year to change things!


Feng Shui can help improve existing relationships and also assist you in finding a new partner if you are currently single.

Starting with your astrology analysis, the consultation will help you understand your own energy, and the type of partner that will complement you energetically. If you are currently single, advice will be given on the days and months of the coming year that are most beneficial to go out networking or dating. If you are in a relationship that is experiencing difficulties, it can show you what is causing them and how the energies between you can be harmonised for greater intimacy and happiness.

Following this, your home will be analysed and, through balancing and correction of the different bagua sectors and Flying Star combinations, the energies will be enhanced for peaceful, harmonious relationships in general. By removing inappropriate symbolism and adding in subtle enhancements to your space depicting happy balanced relationships, your marriage or dating prospects will improve tenfold.

Make 2021 the year to achieve the rewarding happiness of a fantastic relationship!

Why is January the Ideal Time for a Consultation?

Your home has a blueprint of energies consisting of a mountain star, a water star and a period star in each sector of the bagua. These need to be balanced for a healthy, prosperous and happy life. In addition to this, there is an annual star which changes each year, which interacts with each of the existing combinations. This means that even if you have perfected your Feng Shui in a previous year, subtle adjustments will need to be made to integrate the interactions that the annual stars make. In addition to this, a monthly star moves around your home, so in certain months additional tweaks to different sectors will be required to balance any difficult combinations and take full advantage of the good ones!

If you undertake a consultation prior to the New Year, you will know exactly what you need to do in each month of the year of the Ox to maximise opportunities and minimise any clashes. This combined with a preview of the year’s upcoming astrology will help you to have your best year ever in 2021!

A consultation is usually carried out remotely at present, via a Zoom or Skype call, making it convenient and affordable for everyone. Contact me now for more information and to book your 2021 consultation!

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