Top Tips on How to Overcome the Winter Blues with Feng Shui this January

Top Tips on How to Overcome the Winter Blues with Feng Shui this January

Turn those winter blues into blue sky thinking with our Feng Shui Consultations for home and for business. Feng Shui can dramatically improve the energy around you and improve your overall health and wellbeing, especially with January, known as the month of winter blues!

The western world has just caught up with the natural world which began its New Year on 21st December, the time of the Winter Solstice. This marks the changeover from Yin – the everyday world – to Yang the world of possibilities. As the days becomes longer and brighter the flow of energy becomes naturally more positive and with your participation it could help unlock your true potential.

Go with the Flow

To “go with this flow” just start thinking positively and start imagining what life could be like if you could only achieve – (insert your goal or goals here).

What is it that will make you happy and fulfilled, a new job, relationship, perhaps being more creative? Whatever it is, the key is to think, imagine, and then act on your impulses. According to Chinese astrology there has never been a better time to do this, as this forthcoming Metal Rat year signifies the “mind” and its natural expressions.

Make a Connection with the Outside World

Once we have these thoughts or intention’s we can then enhance them using feng shui within our homes and this can help us make the connection with the outside world. For example, for clarity and direction in life make sure the northeast of your home is free of rubbish or clutter—that is something you are hanging onto in case you need it, and not your prize collections, which gives you pleasure.  If you are relying on someone else, maybe a complete stranger, or someone you are yet to meet, place related objects or papers in the northwest to gain their support or approval.

For inspiration add more light to the north part of your home, and put something that symbolizes your goal here. For example if you want to be an interior designer put some fabric swatches or design ideas here, if an airline pilot hang a captains hat, and if you want to become a feng shui consultant – write down with a pen and paper, or better still visit the site!

Seriously though, there is an ancient expression that says “if you do not ask, you do not get” and according to feng shui principles everything in our homes is symbolic of those experiences or coincidences that we encounter in the outside world. It is not a coincidence. You would be amazed; as most of our clients are, at what I can tell from the shape, layout, texture and furniture arrangement within an environment. Simple, subtle recommendations made during a professional feng shui consultation will help correct most problems, and usually improve success, fulfilment and happiness for you and your family.

Book a Consultation with Me Today

As luck would have it the prime time to order a professional feng shui consultation is before 4th February when the energy in all of our homes and offices will change. This is when the Metal Rat year signifying mental processes, expression and creativity is extremely receptive and is when you should have all of your chosen symbols in place to make the most of the potential in this rapid growth period.

You might also like to know that whenever there is a Rat in the year, it heralds a new 12 year cycle and changes made this year can have a very lasting effect. This is your chance to make them for the better. Alan Stirling is an accredited Feng Shui Master offering professional consultations. Follow the link here for an online Feng Shui consultation where you can chat with me face-to face in HD video.

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