Learn 3 months of Feng Shui in 5 Hours with Our Accredited Feng Shui Key Concepts Course

Learn 3 months of Feng Shui in 5 Hours with Our Accredited Feng Shui Key Concepts Course

As a Feng Shui Master Consultant, Alan offers a variety of informative Feng Shui courses which can enable you to learn Feng Shui for use in your own home, office or to forge a new career path.

One such course is the Accredited Feng Shui Key Concepts course NEW video series.

The Accredited Feng Shui Key Concepts course will not just tell you how, but most importantly, why Feng Shui works and allow you to perform a basic Feng Shui consultation in your own home.

With this course, you will learn alongside other Feng Shui students in over 70 countries and benefit from free, exclusive membership to the Distance Learning online teaching and learning forum.

There are two versions of the course. The acclaimed interactive .pdf version contains over 38,000 words of written resources and is fully illustrated with additional video presentations and sound files, making even the most difficult concepts easy to understand.

For those who want to get straight to the facts and obtain results in the shortest possible time, the school has just produced a complete video series of this Key Concepts course. Personally narrated and illustrated by its creator Feng Shui Master Alan, you can start to get results in just 5 hours.

All resources are compatible with both PC and Mac devices and can also be used on mobile devices and tablets. Starting at just £20 for the first 4 chapters, you will learn how to analyse any environment and balance it with the Five Elements.

This is such an incredible series of videos, even existing Key Concepts Course students may want to buy it. After all, it’s like a 5 hour one-to-one personal class with one of the best Feng Shui masters of today.

To get a flavour of the course, you will find snippet videos from several chapters below, providing a quick introduction to some the concepts covered in each chapter of the course, of which there are 14 chapters in total. The snippets are also transcribed for ease of viewing.

What is True Feng Shui?

True Feng Shui is ancient knowledge of how to live in harmony with natural forces governing the relationship between humans and nature. Specifically, it is knowledge of the interaction of energy in our environment or in other words, how our environment affects our quality of life and how we can improve this relationship. Our understanding of this principle reintegrates us with nature and greatly improves our lives, as the closer we get to our natural form of life, the better balanced and less stressed our lives become.

Feng Shui Explanation

The public perception of Feng Shui is one of rearranging furniture. In fact, in consultations we actually balance the energy of fixtures and fittings in relation to the earth’s magnetic fields. This process releases energy to where it is most needed and most compatible. This results in a well-balanced atmosphere, where everything is in tune and working together in harmony.

Jupiter and The Zodiac

In chapter 10, you will learn about Chinese astrology, where each animal of the Chinese zodiac corresponds to a specific direction on the Chinese compass. Jupiter’s effect on our planet is to pull vibrant energy in a particular direction, so the best Qi this year is in the direction that matches the annual zodiac sign. As this is the macrocosm, we can use the microcosm found in people’s homes or offices to access this vibrant qi.

Chinese astrology Basics

By using the trigrams and Luo Shu directions with the occupant’s astrology, practitioners can determine whether a site is favourable to an individual or not. Luo means “net” which encompasses everything, Pan means “utensil’ or “plate”. It has a square base that represents Earth, and a round dial to signify heaven qi. They are used to locate good energy, decide directions, auspicious timing and to check environments, particularly in relation to mountains and waterways. Though looking extremely complex, by understanding the five transformational phases, you can quickly determine the auspiciousness of a direction using the system of 24 Mountains.

Basic Cures

Basic cures – the best cures we can use in Feng Shui are natural and living, or capable of supporting life. Therefore, the best wood cure is a plant, the best earth cure is soil. fire is the sun, metal is decaying, so in this case we use a metallic sound like a gong or chiming clock – even music! The best water cure is pure, fresh water.

If you would like to purchase and enrol in the Accredited Feng Shui Key Concepts course, please visit the course page on the Feng Shui School website.

Whatever your current level of Feng Shui training, and whatever you need to improve in your life right now, Alan can help.

If you have any questions about my courses or would like to enquire about a one-to-one Feng Shui consultation for your home and business, feel free to contact Alan here.

Whether you’re interested in an office Feng Shui consultation, property development advice or Chinese Astrology readings, Alan can help you make informed Feng Shui decisions that will positively affect your life. Contact Alan today and he will help you find the right solution!

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