Johnny Depp’s Unusual Astrology in Relation to His Recent Trial with Amber Heard!

Johnny Depp’s Unusual Astrology in Relation to His Recent Trial with Amber Heard!

How it All Began

The recently concluded trial of Johnny Depp vs his ex-wife Amber Heard is fascinating to look at from an astrological point of view – as both Johnny Depp and, quite likely, Amber Heard have special types of charts.

Most people are either classed as strong or weak ‘Daymasters‘ using Chinese Four Pillars astrology. There are other types of chart too, but the above are the most common. Being a strong or weak Daymaster simply means that based on a person’s day pillar, their energy is either strong and may need calming, or weak and needs strengthening.

Whichever type you are, a good Feng Shui Consultant will help optimise your energy by introducing the correct elements. Although usually only subtle tweaks are needed every year, these do not radically change.

Balancing your energy in relation to time can be done through the use of colour in clothing and your environment, as well as associating with people who have the element you need – or working in an appropriate area of your home or office.

Johnny’s chart is not like this though, it’s extraordinary.

Johnny’s Extraordinary Chart

The above image show’s Johnny Depp’s natal chart, in full, cast for the day the trial started.

Johnny Depp is a Yin Water Goat Daymaster born in June. At this stage of the cycle, Yin Water is considered untimely and therefore weak. Stage 10 (water in June) is referred to as ‘vanished’ – which translates as prepare for a new life!

In Johnny’s chart, his Daymaster it is also controlled by the Yin Earth present in the Goat stem below it and he has no Metal at all, which is the element needed to strengthen the water element. A combination of factors like this is what creates a very Weak Daymaster.

His saving grace, and what makes this chart so special, is that in addition to the above, in the hidden stems shown below the 4 animal signs, there is only one minor water root. You need at least 3 minor roots, or one major root, matching your Daymaster element (water in this case) to tie you to the chart.

This means that his chart is so weak that he can detach from his natal chart completely at certain times and follow the strongest element. For him, this is Yang Earth – which makes him a Follow-Power type. During these periods, he lives an extraordinary life.

Although the above explanation has been simplified to a degree, if present this is a very special type of chart and needs expert help from a Chinese Feng Shui Astrologer to manage the rock and roll of life.

Living an Extraordinary Life: The Double-Edged Sword!

During the good times, a person with an extraordinary chart will find that life flows very easily. It is almost like you are not really connected to the earth as most people understand it, and metaphorically you can fly. Maybe this is why he has been drawn to some of his most famous films, which delve into living in other realities/fantasyland – and the fire in his chart is naturally drawn to acting and fantasy.

However, when a major root brought in by strong water energy – on any given day, month, year or luck period, his life returns to normal. When this occurs in a ten-year luck period change, as it did for him in 2014, the dramatic shift in energy, from extraordinary to normal, occurs very suddenly and is a tough transition to manage.

At these times, he reverts back to having an ordinary, weak Daymaster chart, which requires a lot of support – and major changes start to occur from the second the energy shifts.

For him, and other extraordinary chart types like his, it wouldn’t feel so bad if life was like this all the time (i.e. normal). We adjust to, and learn to live with the cards we have been dealt with in life as we grow in self-awareness. The problem with this chart type is that the swing is so extreme that, if not understood, it turns your world upside down overnight. Interestingly, one of Johnny’s comments at the beginning of his defamation trial was, “I’ve lived both sides of life. The very highs and the very lows”. This sums up this type of chart very succinctly and how an extraordinary chart type experiences life.

Follow-Type Charts and Celebrities

It’s actually quite common to see these types of charts amongst those in the public eye– and highlights, both how their heights of fame are often accompanied by deep struggles – such as intense divorces, court cases or in the sad story of Amy Winehouse, substance abuse and untimely death.

A part of this, of course, is the fact that they are inhumanely scrutinised, and written about freely with little concern for the actual facts. Johnny made reference to this too, in his first 30 minutes of speaking, describing the ‘privilege’ of being a celebrity as a “knife that continues to stab you” and that “your arms are too short to box with God”.

Add in Johnny’s Yin Water Daymaster

Being in the public eye is especially difficult for a Yin Water type, as they are the most sensitive, introverted of all the 60 possible Yin/Yang X 5 elemental combinations. Yin Water Daymasters do however have a deep, empathic ability to tune into people and situations, and this is reflected in his careful, eloquent recollection of events. He’s quite mesmerising to listen to!

As with any energy, this skill can be used for good or bad, but his genuine honesty – especially around his issues with drink and drugs, and talking openly about the deeply personal family issues he grew up around, has won public favour and support. As I concluded my first draft of this, the trial was nearing completion and, although we now know he won on every count, his authenticity had already captured the hearts of the public way before this.

When Johnny Met Amber!

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard started dating after meeting on the set of the 2011 film The Rum Diary. in a Yin Metal Rabbit year, he was in a Yin Water Ox luck pillar. So, during the majority of the months in that year, he was living in his extraordinary phase.  Additionally, the Rabbit year contains wood, the element he then required – which further boosted his time of good luck. So, he would have found it very easy to get roles in good films and find prospects for relationships with ease. He was also benefitting from the gentle creativity the Rabbit in his chart provided and how he was seen very positively by society. Roll on the good times, romance and accolades!

They married in Los Angeles on the 3rd February 2015. At this time, the energy of the new year (the Yn Wood Goat) represented a deep focus on his core self and relationships, so ordinarily a natural time to want deepen his intimacy.

However, the Yin Wood element of the annual Goat energy now drained both his core self and reputation, now that his life has changed back to ordinary. This huge shift in luck pillar occurred on the 10/6/2014 and he entered a new 10-year cycle – the Yang Water Rat, and when in his ordinary phase, wood becomes draining rather than strengthening for his Yin Water energy.

On a positive level, this may well have given him a strong desire to settle down again and live a normal life with the woman who had fallen for him whilst he was extraordinary. But, like Alice from Wonderland said, “I could have told you who I was yesterday, but what’s the point in that! I was a different person then”. Nothing could be truer in this situation. He was no longer the same man energetically, that he was when they met.

And Johnny comments in his opening statement that when things got difficult between them, “I had no idea where this was coming from at the beginning. At the start of my (adult) life, things were outstanding”. He went on to say that his experience with Amber made him have to revaluate everything – and that maybe he’d been wrong about everything he believed about life. This is a very big statement, and precisely describes the intensity of how he would have felt as he transitioned to being normal again. Unless you understand it’s coming and have planned for it well in advance, it feels like the rug has been pulled from underneath you.

Significant Dates in this Story

Predictably the marriage didn’t last long and Ms Heard filed for divorce in May 2016, citing irreconcilable differences.

The Battle of Power According to the Changing Astrology

  • In April 2018, British tabloid: The Sun published an article calling Mr Depp a “wife-beater”, prompting him to file a lawsuit against the newspaper in June of that year. April 2018 was a Yang Fire Dragon month – creating a similar energetic combination to when the divorce was first filed. It was a Yang Earth Dog year however, which gave Johnny much needed power, and June was also a Yang Earth Horse Month. At that time, Johnny filed a lawsuit against the paper, starting to fight back.
  • On 18th December 2018, (a Yang Wood Rat Month) which drained and ‘punished’ him energetically – Ms Heard attributed her name to a ghost-written Washington Post op-ed in which she did not name Mr Depp but in which she wrote: “Then two years ago, I became a public figure representing domestic abuse, and I felt the full force of our culture’s wrath for women who speak out.”.
  • Then in March 2019, Depp sued Ms Heard for character defamation over the article (this was a massively draining month, due to huge combinations of wood, their elements all change to wood), but he used all his power to stand up for himself.
  • In November 2020, a Yin Fire Pig month (more difficult energies that clashed with his natal self and still in a Yang Metal Rat year – referenced above, the UK judge sided with The Sun, upholding 12 of the 14 alleged assaults by Mr Depp against Ms Heard, saying “the great majority of alleged assaults” had been proven “to the civil standard”. The combination of the elements couldn’t have been much worse – he was rooted in reality, clashed personally and publicly and the Rat in the year and his luck pillar, doubled up to publicly punish him.

Now in 2022, a Yang Wood Tiger year – which he will experience as further depletion energetically, affecting both his core self and public image, the lawsuit finally began on 11th April 2022.

You can watch the full trial online – it doesn’t need rewriting here, this article is about astrology. But, as you can see from the above changes in luck, when Johnny re-entered normal life – which he had not experienced since between the ages of 11 and 20), he lost a lot, particularly in relation to his career. He was dropped by Disney for the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise and also by Warner Brothers for the Happy Potter franchise: Fantastic Beasts. Luckily, he did finally win the trial and has cleared his name.

Going Back 30 Years to His First ‘Ordinary Phase’

Johnny has had only one ‘ordinary phase’ prior to the current one he is in. And this was in his developmental years as referenced above. He describes in the trial his relationship with his family, early in life and the trauma of his mother’s suicide attempts. It likely occurred during this time frame (11-20) – and then when it ended his life transformed. He mentions in his statement about how he tried to deal with this very difficult childhood trauma by retreating from the current situation with Amber (typical Yin Water behaviour), just as he had tried to cope in his teens.

He considers it was luck that shaped his life – like ‘you’re given a ball and you run with it’ – that is until ‘you are tackled.’

He described Amber transforming from the girl he met on set – to suddenly becoming his opponent. And whilst public figures are prone to attack for many reasons including jealousy, whilst extraordinary, a person like Johnny can fight them off. It becomes harder when you are weakened by opposing energies and as Johnny says, “some people search for weaknesses/sensitivities in others, and when you have told them that becomes their ammunition to verbally decimate and send you into a tailspin of depression and confusion”.

To conclude, I haven’t detailed anything from Amber’s chart here – it was not the point of the article. It describes the ups and downs of a follow-power chart type and how critical it is to be able to understand it – if you were born into the world with one. But, for completeness, it is important to mention that her energies could also be analysed in the same way as this – and would have added further understanding to the unfolding of events. It does take two to tango after all!

How I Can Help You

I specialise in helping people with charts like these – and can help you manage and optimise your energy whatever type of chart you have, as you move through the passage of time. Click here to read more about the Chinese Four Pillars Astrology services I offer.

I have over 30 years’ experience in working with people all over the world, and can show you how maximise life’s ups and manage more challenging periods. Contact me now for a no-obligation discussion.

This article was written by one of my students, Rachel Manning, who has been training with me for many years now. In her words:

‘Alan turned a light on for me, when he first explained my chart, and has shown me how to manage my life although I still have a lot to learn! I am truly grateful to him for everything he has taught me, and the secrets he has shared. I highly recommend his professional Feng Shui course, as well as his one-to-one consultations.’

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