Making the Most of Every Situation with Feng Shui

Making the Most of Every Situation with Feng Shui

As we are all aware, there is a lot of uncertainty in the World at the moment. However, the symbol for ‘crisis’ in Chinese is made up of two characters – opportunity and danger. So I encourage you to find the opportunities that are available for you at this time – and optimise your success this year by either learning Feng Shui – a good inexpensive introduction or booking a consultation. Either of these options will help you to focus clearly on your goals, optimise your home or business premises and make 2022 a year to remember – for all the right reasons!

Astrology for 2022

The Water influence of this Water Tiger year also signifies this duality as well as a fine balance between fear and courage, so if ever you are feeling down seek out a water environment or add some water to your home. However, be careful where you put it as it will always have a reaction. Yet Feng Shui advice via a professional Feng Shui consultation, on placement; will ensure that the result will always be positive. 

Water and Wood which is the Tiger element represents purpose and fulfilment and you may well feel that you ought to be doing something else and a feng shui consultation will be able to guide you to whatever this is. Otherwise, this year can be a period of boycotts, blockades, and shortages. Luckily, Wood also signifies strategy so planning ahead of time for any eventuality could be invaluable, – especially when travelling. 

Collectively these influences signify education and learning experiences, which will be at the forefront of society this year.  Moreover, these elements denote exploration and instead of last year’s inner development we get a chance to express everything we have learned and perhaps create a new world and level of understanding. To this end, wisdom is highly sought especially in communications and crossing new frontiers will also be prevalent.  We can expect major refinements and clarification in law and policies and the justice system will be prominent around the world. Medical developments in hearing, legs, feet and gender will also be prominent.

The military may also come to the fore, Fire services will gain more power and resources, whilst lifeguards may have a busy time. 

Weather wise suggests the temperatures should be cooler, but owing to the global average temperature increasing, this will probably lead to heavier rainfall and flooding, certainly in the first half of the year. Whilst wind will dominate the second half.

So – How Can You Take Advantage of the Yang Water Tiger Energy This Year?

There are always ways in which you can make changes to your life and your environment to collect the abundance and balance you deserve, as well as harnessing and flowing with the current energies that the changing astrology each year provides.  Learning and practicing Feng Shui is one such way to make changes that will positively affect your life and wellbeing – often almost instantaneously.

As a Feng Shui master consultant, I offer a variety of informative Feng Shui courses which can enable you to learn Feng Shui for use in your own home, office or to forge a new career path.

Some of the Feng Shui courses I offer include:

One-Day Feng Shui Foundation Course

An introduction to the art of Feng Shui, this comprehensive online course contains essential knowledge allowing the beginner to learn more about Feng Shui and implement basic Feng Shui principles in the home or office.

Once this course has been completed, you will have a fundamental understanding of how Feng Shui works, allowing you to progress to more advanced Feng Shui courses.

Five Day Fast Track Feng Shui Course

This is a standalone five-day intensive Feng Shui course for absolute beginners, practitioners, and consultants.

Designed for absolute beginners and practicing consultants alike, my intensive fast-track courses guide you through the key elements of traditional Chinese Feng Shui.

Following a logical approach, this course is specially designed to ensure you gain all the essential Feng Shui skills and knowledge you need in a short time frame, both theoretical and practical.

One-To-One Private Feng Shui Tuition

If you have very specific goals, I offer one-to-one lessons to help you achieve them. Students use these sessions to solve particular problems and to study the vocabulary and techniques used in Feng Shui.

Designed in consultation with you, these are premium lessons and delivered on a one-to-one basis.

Feng Shui Key Concepts Distance Learning Course

The Accredited Feng Shui Key Concepts course will not just tell you how, but most importantly, why Feng Shui works and allow you to perform a basic Feng Shui consultation in your own home.

Learn alongside other Feng Shui students in over 70 countries with free and exclusive membership to our Distance Learning online teaching and learning forum.

Accredited Professional Feng Shui Consultant Training Course

Whether you’re an absolute beginner or practicing consultant, the Professional Feng Shui Mastery Consultant course guides you through every aspect of Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology.

In my many years of teaching professional Feng Shui, we have trained teachers and students from other Feng Shui schools around the world in traditional Chinese Feng Shui and this is where some of the best, most effective Feng Shui consultants learnt their art.

This complete programme is taught over the course of 22 months.

Free Feng Shui Online Webinars

While I offer a wide range of Feng Shui consultations and courses, I also have a series of free webinars available, many of which are available to watch on my YouTube Channel.

These free webinars can help you get a taste of what the world of Feng Shui is like and can help you decide if enrolling on a course would be beneficial for you and your goals.

Whatever your current level of Feng Shui training is, or what you need to improve within your life right now, I can help you.

If you have any questions about my courses or would like to enquire about a one-to-one Feng Shui consultation for your home and business, feel free to contact me here.

Whether you’re interested in an office Feng Shui consultation, property development advice or Chinese Astrology readings – I can help you make informed Feng Shui decisions that will positively affect your life. Contact me today and I will help you find the right solution for you!

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